Saturday, March 21, 2009

No Longer a Baby . . .

Two things happened this week that made me realize that we no longer have a "baby" and both of those things a) made me cry, b) made me wonder if I do, in fact, want another child (shut up Gamma and Gampa Amo (smile)) and c) made me sure that I love my little bidders.

1 - We packed up all of Ava's old baby stuff (all the stuff that made the trek west with us, at least (stroller, umbrella stroller, baby monitor, crib, toys, clothes, high chair, etc. etc. etc.) and gave it to a co-worker who's daughter just had a daughter. Beautiful little baby, by the way. As I stood in the basement, consolidating and stuffing and carrying up to load stuff in to Mother Terry's truck, I got very teary. NOT because we were getting our basement storage room back (that is a plus) but because it was the first time our house has ever been babyless. Without the trappings of or capabilities for a baby - we'll put it that way (as long as I'm here, the house will be "with" baby).

2 - We went Easter shopping for Ava this weekend. The Easter Bunny stopped by and gave us some scratch to get her a few things with (thank you, Eastah Buhnay (who remembers that old school commercial for either Cadbury Creme Eggs (which reminds me - I need to blog about the time I ate 25 Cadbury Creme Eggs in one sitting (trust me, there is a story there)) or for Hershey . . . I digress). We decided that the Backyardigan's Trike that Uncle Patrick and Aunt Joyelle gave her for her first birthday has been too weathered and the pink Barbie Escalade is not quite ready for park appearances yet so - Ava is getting a tricycle (shhh, don't spoil the suprise) for Easter. We plunked Ava down on a few of the floor models in Target to see which one looked best (in terms of her using it, not the general appearance of her sitting on the trike) and which one she seemed to most "embrace". The results were, for both of us, tearful. Our little Bids just hopped on, started pedalng, cruised out in to the main aisle and headed towards housewares. Not a concern in the world. I remember, not that long ago, when she couldn't even figure out how to roll herself over.

Anywho, I'm over it (for the moment). The tears have dried and my mind has been realerted that I love being the dad to a toddler and that I am happy having nobody to share my parental love with but Ava BUT - I had a few moments of weakness. And in those moments I realized just how badly my wife wants another child and just how much her happiness means to me too.
What to do . . . what to do . . . what to do. The clock is ticking on this one, literally.

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