Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cadbury Binge Eating . . .

I was having my department meeting with Shawn and Catherine yesterday. 

We were talking about Easter Baskets (pop quiz, hot shots - at what age do you (who celebrate Easter and involve the Easter Bunny in your festivities) think your parents can stop giving you Easter Baskets without you feeling "betrayed" by the action?) and Easter candy and a weird memory popped in to my head.

When I was living in DC I lived across the street from a CVS.  I treated CVS like my grocery store (the real one was an additional two blocks away so walking that far when I had something closer was out of the question (grimace)).

Now - if you've ever "shopped" in a CVS you would know that they have some groceries but it is not exactly a hub for those who want to eat with nutrition as a primary concern.  What they DID have though was enough Velveeta Shells and Cheese, Planters Cheez Balls and Ho-Hos to keep this fat man well fed.  No judgement, clearly.  

My absolute favorite part of the CVS was the seasonal delights they would stock the middle-section of the store with.  It was ALWAYS some holiday at the CVS.  They put out Valentine's Day on January 2nd, St. Pat's on February 15th, Arbor Day on March 18th.  You get the idea. 

With these tight turn-arounds and constant celebration - it was easy to imagine that they had inventory issues and that meant just one thing . . . steep discounts on holiday decor and CANDY.

And NO holiday does candy better (for my money) than Easter - you can take your Halloween and stick it in your pumpkin.  Halloween is nothing but repackaged mini-versions of standard candy.  Easter has INVENTIVE candy.  Peanut Butter filled chocolate bunnies.  Hand decorated chocolate Crucifixes (Crucifi?  Crucixees?).  Speckled jelly beans.  Cadbury Mini Eggs (pour them on a plate or paper towel and try them microwaved for about 10 seconds, sugar consumers. DELICIOUS!).  Peeps.  CADBURY CREME EGGS!

Here is where the memory came in . . . I remember making it an annual occasion (after a solid week of eating nothing but Easter Pie (more to come on that in the near future)) when I would go to CVS on my way home from work the Monday after Easter with special excitement.  Not only had my savior risen from the dead but the clearance had begun at CVS.  All in one day!  
I made the purchase of all purchases.  Every Cadbury Creme Egg I could stuff in my hand-held basket for about ten cents a piece.  I'm talking an average of 50 eggs.  Some years even more.  

I bought TONS of Easter Candy (Mini Eggs are a close second favorite, Peeps are a not-so distant third, Hershey's Peanut Butter Eggs are also a sweet memory and Marshmallow Cream stuffed chocolate (in any shape) rounds out my top five) but the Creme Eggs were my top priority every year.  

The woman behind the counter (who sold me my junk food day after day, week after week and likely knew the degenerate eater I was first hand) smiled and gave me an out without feeling awkward "Ah, are you going to freeze these to get you through the year?" she would ask.  "Uh, yeah, sure." I would wheeze (excitement over 50 Cadbury Creme Eggs was enough to get me light headed those days).  

We BOTH knew these little confections wouldn't make it to the following Sunday - much less the following Lenten Season.  

And they didn't.  I took them home and, within hours a majority of them would be gone.  By about Thursday of that week the last bit of foil wrapping was in the trash and the thrill was gone for another year.  

Do I miss Cadbury Creme Eggs?  No.  Do I regret that I used to eat them the way I did?  A little.  Would I go back and change anything?  Nah.  It was what it was.

Creme eggs were symbolic of my life at that time, frankly.  Bright, fancy and enticing foil wrapper that seemed happy and fun.  Tough chocolate shell that kept anything and everything at bay.  Creamy, fragile, fat-laden and perhaps-toxic innards that people leave as the mystery it is.  Like the Creme Egg though - that misery was seasonal.  Thank the Risen Lord!   


Katy said...

You used my real name...weird.

Don't forget beanie babies for my Easter basket. And jelly beans. Starburst ones preferably.

This Show said...

You're the one who turned me onto mini eggs. Grrrr