Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bomb Pop . . .

You know how you learn something new everyday?

Here is what I learned today . . . the middle layer of the "original" Bomb Pop is lime.  NOT lemon.  For the hundreds of Bomb Pops I have scarfed down in my life you would think I would know the difference between chemically-fabricated lemon and chemically-fabricated lime.  

There is a box of them in our freezer here at work and I was getting ice and I happened to draw focus long enough to be educated.

There you go.  Your "something new" for the day.  You're welcome.  

OH - you learn something new every day part two - there are TEN types of bomb pops.  And that is just from the official maker of them.  The delicious cocktail (who remembers the gallons we ran through at The Last and Greatest Ghetto-Cue Ever?) is type number 11.  

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