Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Biggest Loser . . .

I know I don't post about the show as often as I used to (know that I still watch every second of it and still adore it) but I have just one word for last night's The Biggest Loser . . . dehydrated.

I cried for about 104 of the 120 minutes of the show.  Real tears.  Happiness and sadness.  If you are NOT watching The Biggest Loser you are missing the best show on television, seriously.  

These people ran 1/2 marathons tonight.  All of them but two, I think, over 200 pounds and all of them, but one, ran 13.1 miles.  With their friends and family cheering them on and me on the couch crying and crying.

It makes me want to lose my last 30 pounds.  Makes me want to be a better man.  Makes me sad that the season is already winding down.  


John Deary said...

I absolutely love The Biggest Loser. It is really inspiring.

My only pet gripe is the repetativeness after each commercial. Seriously, this show only needs to be an hour a week (maybe 1.5 hours). I hate that they continually pad the weigh-offs with 60 seconds of what we just saw prior to the commercial when the show comes back after one. I can only watch it on my DVR after I have recorded at least an hour of it.

Great job Mikey! I love this kid... I really hope that he inspired his brother.


Sean C. Amore said...

I'll agree that NBC is milking that show for two hours of good ratings a week (it was, in earlier seasons only two hours for the first few weeks). I'll take the recap over the awkward product placements (Tara and her brother talking gum last night made me want to cry for the wrong reasons) though.

I love Mikey too. When he went home and his brother commented that now he's the only heavy person in the family I really thought that it looked like his light had turned on!