Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another "Fat" Debate . . .

I got upset when they called strung-out-and-losing-her-kids-Britney fat (ah, the old days when I used to actually put real thought and energy in to my blog posts (smile)) and I tried to sort of defend Jessica Simpson when her exercise video was delayed because of her weight but I can not and will not allow any meany (especially Laura Friggin' Ingraham) to talk crap about Megan McCain.

Yep.  Megan McCain.  Daughter of John McCain. (Maybe) Would-be first daughter of these United States if her father knew how to pick a running mate and/or if anyone really believed he ever actually wanted to be President and/or if the Obama movement hadn't swallowed up John, Cindy and the whole crew.  I digress . . .

Here's all I know about Megan McCain - she's probably one of the smartest dummies in her generation, her blog makes me jealous of her travels and her experiences (in a good way), she's got the best taste in music in any person I've ever known who doesn't work "in" music and she's NOT fat.  

She's just not.  

Sorry (read the following in one breath and slur the words together to carry the right emotion), skinny women who have worked your butts off and been able to succeed in the media world on a national level despite us living in a world that is, professionally, male-dominated and is often thought to be sexist, sizist, crass and horrible to endure for women who are just trying to be respected for their brains and who might be tempted to "resent" women who have not fallen to the pressures to be perfect in body, hair, makeup and speech and who might attack those women for gaining the 10 pounds you might not feel you can gain BUT it is not okay for you to call these women fat.  

It's not.  It's not okay to joke about them being "plus sized".  It's not.  It's not okay for you to make it seem like these women are somehow going to explode with one more bite of Bon Bon.  It's not.  I would still loathe Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham if they gained 100 pounds.  It is not about their weight.  I would still adore Wifey if she gained 100 pounds.  It is not about her weight.  I would still think that Imp is a lot of attitude for a little package if she gained 100 pounds.  It is not about her weight.  I would still love my BGBFF Kate if she hit goal weight.  It is not about her weight.  I would still love Ina Garten if she lost 20 pounds.  It is not about her weight.  I would still love or loathe men in the world for weight gain or loss too (it is not about their gender either (smile)).

I don't really understand the female mentality (and - let's just all admit - this crap is much more common with women than with men, before someone gets all bunched up and writes me some hate mail) to attack each other and criticize each other and go after each other for stupid stuff like weight, hair color, shoes and clothes (unless we're talking really bad fashion - then I have your back to attack (smile)) or any other superficial part of a person.  Ladies - you gotta' love each other.  You've gotta' lift each other up.  You've gotta' stop making it sound like it is okay for men to dismiss women for the size of their butts by YOU dismissing women for the size of their butts.  You've gotta' start spreading the knowledge that people will take better care of themselves, be healthier, be more productive and live longer, better lives when they feel accepted, loved and empowered (just ask any dog that spends its whole life in a crate inside a dark closet if you don't believe me).  

Megan McCain (and I've read enough about her on her blog and in the mainstream media) is young.  She's smart.  I think very smart.  She voted for John Kerry despite the family politics so she must be a free thinker (I don't, for the record, endorse her because she is a sorta democrat in a family of definitely republicans) and she is a woman who might just serve as the poster child for her entire generation (in many more ways than one).  Does it matter how much she weighs?  No.  Does it matter if she's "attractive" or not?  No.  She's smart and funny and seems to want to help and enrich the world.  

Does it matter that she's being attacked on a national level for just trying to be her?  Yes.  Does it matter that she's not asking for anyone's approval of her weight or body but is still being attacked?  Yes.  Does it matter that her attacker is a fellow woman?  Yes . . . and no.

Let's leave the "fat" labels to those of us that want to self deprecate.  Let's at least leave the "fat" talk and the sizist BS labels for those, like me, that are okay with being labeled for what we are.  Let's at LEAST agree to stop trying to make the weight of one person an "issue" (who, at heaviest is a few pounds "overweight") in a nation where MILLIONS of us are overweight.  Morbidly overweight for MILLIONS at that.  It just trivializes the argument, empowers those that don't need to feel like it is okay to be super heavy and it makes it harder to have real conversations about real issues (like true obesity) in this country.

Hey, Laura Ingraham.  Shut it.  Seriously.  Leave Megan McCain alone.  

And Megan, please at least channel this experience in to a killer iTunes playlist that I can steal (really, the woman knows her music).    


Larraine said...

ABSOLUTELY! I just posted a shorter diatribe on my blog about this same issue. Ingraham calls it "satire" to dismiss someone with whom she disagrees by calling her a "Plus Size Model." I get so tired of people who equate obesity with stupidity. I don't think Ingraham is all that smart. If she was she would have debated the issue, not resorted to name calling.

This Show said...

They had her on "The View." She's hot. End of story.

She's not even plus size model hot. She's beautiful.

Plus she's smart and well spoken (and secretly more liberal than she admits.)

Calling a woman fat is just a way to win an argument. It's a checkmate move.

What bothers me is that all of these newspapers and TV shows are encouraging more stupidity by acknowledging the stupidity.

We are minutes away from someone calling Nicole Richie fat just to get on TV.

Syl (previously known as Shib) said...

8-10 size is plus sized? In what freakish world? I read a few of her blog entries. She is a very smart, very knowledgeable young woman. And, mayeb that's a threat to somebody like Ingraham. A young woman who knows her issues and doesn't debate them based on her father's politics.