Thursday, February 19, 2009

What's It All Worth . . .

A colleague told me this morning about a terrible story in Atlanta.

It seems a 57-year-old, recently retired cancer researcher (Dr. Eugina Calle) who headed up the Analytic Epidemiology unit of the American Cancer Society and taught at Emory was found murdered in her apartment Tuesday. She was apparently murdered.

While all of Calle's work was impactful and helped the world better understand cancer and how it "works" - what she is best known for is her ground breaking work to link cancer to obesity (this might shock you, fellow fat people, but being obese opens you up to greater risk of just about every medical strife you can imagine).
She retired just a few weeks ago, from what I can understand, and now she's dead.

I mean - really - who the heck is going to go to the home of a woman who's almost 60 years old and who's devoted her life's work to saving lives and just kill her? Really? Who is this person? What in the world did Dr. Calle possible do to deserve her fate? I really want to know so I can be ashamed of the way life plays out.

It makes me worry about the world around us. There is something really wrong with pockets of our society that are so dark that they could snuff out such a positive force/light as Dr. Calle.

I don't want to get too "obsessed" with the whole thing but it just makes you wonder what it is really worth to work your butt off for 30 years and to try to better the world if some creep could just kill you on the back side of that work.

I guess we should just focus on today and the blessings of it. Be thankful for what we have. Cherish those that we share love and life with. They are all, sadly, temporary.
UPDATE - I just found out that they've arrested someone for killing Dr. Calle. It seems that the guy made his way in to Dr. Calle's apartment and killed her. He probably didn't even know who she was. He just killed her. There is no known motive for the crime. Sad!

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