Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Love of a Child . . .

And how much do I love this little one too? And how much does she love Disney Princesses (third only to her Mother and Disney Fairies (in that order (smile))?

Joy and I got Ava some candy, a DVD, a CD and a few hundred stickers for Valentine's Day. That's the way to keep the little one happy (if not the appropriate way to show her you love her), right?! RIGHT!

She didn't care about anything else this morning - for the most part - because it was the card itself that really "got" her attention this year (although I don't think it was the sappy notes from Mommy and Daddy about how they are "completed" by her that made her love it so, I fear).

Happy Valentine's Day, Curly Gurly. Enjoy the card. May you always know the safety and security of love and may you share your presence, love and gifts with the world in a loving way. On - and may the the battery in your card die very, very soon (smile)!

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