Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Looks Restful, Dohnit?! . . .

For anyone that doubts that our bed is like a bad game of nightmare filled Tetris . . . I give you exhibit A.  I woke Lily up when I crept back in to our bedroom with the camera this morning.  Otherwise her nose would have been buried in Ava's curls and her body curled behind Joy's 

To really "appreciate" this picture you'll have to understand that Ava comes to our bed on her own.  The quilt Gamma Amo and the polka dotted pillow require Joy or I (generally Joy) to walk back down the hall in the 12:00 AM hour to get them.  Most nights there will be at least one more walk up and down the hall to get Ava's bear puppet that she will NOT sleep without.  3:00 AM brings demands for hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and/or candy.  4:15 AM brings demands for milk, fruit juice or vodka (Joy is the one begging for vodka (smile)).

4:45 AM will finally find Joy and Ava really asleep for the night.  My alarm goes off at 5:15.  

Can you tell I'm a little tired this today?!  

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