Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Do Not Eat . . .

We got some beef jerky for the trip to Topeka yesterday.

Always a fan favorite and, in my opinion, the "ultimate road trip food" jerky - as long as it is not flavored (and, really, who wants their jerky flavored anyway?) and sugared up accordingly - is also one of the few gas station snacks we can eat (in moderation (smile)) following gastric bypass surgery.

I was just unpacking from the trip and I found the remnants of the jerky and I noticed there is a pack of preservatives in the bag that is marked with large, obvious warnings that I should NOT eat the preservatives. For any reason.

Really though? Do you need to tell me not to eat the preservative pack? And NOT warn me to not eat the plastic packaging itself?

Thanks for the delicious snack AND the heads up, Jack Link!

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