Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dinner with the Koskies . . .

We had the Koskies in for dinner last night.

It was my FIRST (of 25) promised meals I made for people other than Joy and Ava in 2009.

I think we had a good meal. I made some guacamole (and by "made" I mean cut the corner of the pouch it came in) and chips for our appetizer. Brandi, Shelton and Joy had big spinach, chicken breast, Texas caviar and cheese salads with homemade (I really did make them) croutons and spicy ranch dressing.

Ava had a "ghetto-dilla" (a tortilla and cheese, microwaved) that she was kind enough to share with Brandi (fair is fair - Brandi shared her beer with Ava - kidding).

I had chicken breast, Texas caviar and some cheese.

For dessert I made a "Angels Foster" . . . some cubed angel food cake, sliced bananas, cinnamon, whipped cream and caramel sauce for everyone and I Ava and I enjoyed a sugar-free jello while I attempted to help get Ava to sleep (it took over two hours last night to get her to give in to the sleepies).

As with any time we get together with the Koskies we discussed obesity (they might actually be the most obesity-informed and empathetic skinny people I've ever met (smile)) and we discussed The Biggest Loser too. We talked about people, like Joelle, who are overweight but don't seem aware or don't seem ready to really do anything about it and the people who empower and enable them and the fine line being loving someone for who they are and loving them enough to encourage them to improve on themselves. A delicate dance that my beautiful wife could teach classes in.

Ava put on a fashion show (she was Fancy Nancy the Burger King in the picture above). We laughed at YouTube videos and talked about life at my job (Brandi worked at my agency years ago and still stays in touch with people htere) and about Shelton's job search and just had a great time.

We are super excited for Brandi and Shelton. Even with everything going on in the world, they are positive and upbeat and are still 100% focused on becoming parents. They are going to start their IVF in June. Here is a sales pitch that I hope won't embarass them too much . . please check out their funny and heartwarming and very-informed/informative blog and consider donating to their cause! The Koskies are going to make AMAZING parents . . . and you can take part of the credit for that if you do (smile)!

Thanks for coming over, Brandi and Shelton. We look forward to having you over again soon.

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BrandiK said...

The food, fashion show and very late conversation was all very, very enjoyable! Thank you guys so much for having us over and we look forward to another rendez-vous! ;)