Monday, February 16, 2009

Bananas Foster Child . . .

When I were a fatter, more desserty man - I enjoyed NOTHING more than a dessert that combined sweet with savory, hot with cold, crisp with soft . . . and booze. It was with great delight that I first discovered (and fell in love with) Bananas Foster on my second trip to New Orleans in the summer of 2002.

Have you ever had bananas foster? REAL bananas foster? Forget about it if you haven't, fellow GBers. A sugar-free version of the dish would likely stink on ice since the rum is really the lynch pin of the dessert and there would be enough sugar alcohols in a substitute dish to blow out even the strongest of colons.

No, no. Forget it. It's gone. Never to return. You CAN still have something as sweet (pun intended) as Nahlins itself though . . . in a small, calorie-counting friendly serving that you can easily build in to your daily calorie count when you need the occassional splurge.

I present . . . the Bananas Foster Child (a Sean C. Amore original, patent not pending (I'm too lazy for that crap)).

Ingredients -
1/2 Medium (six to seven inch) Banana
1 Tbsp. Ground Cinnamon
1 packet Splenda (to taste)
2 Tbsps. Sugar-Free Caramel Syrup (in the ice cream sundae "endcap" at a Dillon's near you)
2 Tpsps. Cool Whip Lite

Directions -
Chop up the half banana (use the other half for a dessert for wifey (or your roommate of choice smile)) in thin slices (I prefer a "two nickel" thickness). Put in a small bowl or ramekin (if you want to be all foodie about it). Sprinkle on your cinnamon and your Splenda (ONLY if you have an immature/not-yet-ripe banana or a serious love for faux sugar). Stir it all together (gently as to not mush your banana). Spoon your caramel syrup over the top of the bananas. Put your dallops of Cool Whip on top. Enjoy.

If I'm doing the math correctly here - you are in for about 100 calories, 2 grams of fat, 1 gram of modified sugar (there is fructose in the banana, clearly) and 2 grams of protein.

No reason to throw your plastic beads as a "thanks" - I only show the moobs to Joy!


BrandiK said...

Having tried this first-hand from the Amore kitchen... it is a decadent treat and I honest to God had no idea it was so sugar-free!

This Show said...

Did you create the recipe?