Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Year, Another Annual Dinner . . .

We made the annual pilgrimage to Topeka tonight for the Kansas Chamber of Commerce's 2009 Annual Dinner last night. Much like last year, we rented a van. Loaded a cooler. Grab some co-workers. Filled the tank and headed up 35.

A few differences this year. We took clients with us. The weather didn't make the drive home life threatening. OH - and we actually had a good time.

Yeah. True story. I was a little slow to load the van after George Will's blood pressure spiking diatribe last February but . . . much to my surprise . . . Tucker Carlson was actually HILARIOUS (my bow tie, by the way, was an homage to Mr. Carlson (who wore a long tie to spite me)) and engaging and self (politically) deprecating and very nice to chat with too. We had VIP passes so I had a photo taken with him before the event started.

I really enjoyed the trip and my dinner with the Governor (okay, she was in the room with us - not at my table . . . but still) and getting to know a few of our clients a little better. The open bar closed way too early for my co-worker Jennifer's (pictured with me above) comfort (smile). The crab cakes looked suspect. The crowd talked all through the Governor's remarks (a little awkward but . . . politics are politics, I guess). The steak was delicious. The keynote was great. The awards presentation was impressive. The night was brisk and fun.

I got in to a long chat about gastric bypass on the ride home and discovered that one of my co-workers has one sister that has had GB and another who is about to have the procedure. I also got to prattle on about my blog and some of my feelings on life after surgery as well as the IMPORTANCE of mental health and mental readiness for aspects of life after surgery (something you know I'm passionate about). I also listened (a little) and learned a little more about weight loss surgery options here in Wichita (something I've long been curious about).

I can't wait for next year's dinner!


This Show said...

Why is Aretha's hat on your neck?

Shib said...

You know, sometimes WLS patients need some fashion sense classes after losing all that weight :-P