Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Stink on Ice . . .

I have been ice skating thrice in my life (and I've been on Rollerblades a few times as well). I've had additional opportunities but I've always declined.

Two reasons - first, I've never really felt the urge to place my hundreds and hundreds of pounds of weight over two metal blades and two - if my hundreds and hundreds of pounds ever fell the wrong way, my shattered hips would make me feel terrible. Almost as terrible as I would feel when the EMTs slip-slod to pick me off the ice with their huge spatula!

New Sean - new attitude thought, right? RIGHT!

So - when my agency's monthly "Account Service
Outing" (some team-building crap, I'm sure) was proposed as ice skating - I triple-cow-towed (sp?) to join the team for some fun on the rocks (get it - rocks/ice (I'm sooooo fuhnay)!

And fun it WAS!

I was not the least bit timid. I didn't worry about my hips or deep bone bruises once. I didn't fret about all the little kids that zipped by me laughing at the fat-guy sprawled out on the ice. I didn't even let my freezing cold hands or my Smurfy-blue skates get me down.

Around and around I went. With relative speed, relative poise and relative self comfort (save for the split-second the picture at the right was taken (smile))!

I could only stay for about 45 minutes (Joy has class on Thursdays) but - in that time - I saw two of my co-workers bite it, another take about 10 minutes to loop the rink only oncebefore returning her skates (God bless her heart and likely fragile hips (age vs. body mass) and, in the process, I heard a song by Daughtry (they play the safe tunes at the public skate) and realized - once again - that my body is not what it once was and that physical activity (in moderate doses (smile)) can be enjoyable!

Thanks for putting together the outing, Shawn. And for taking the pictures, Imp.

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Katy said...



I think you've been spending too much time with our beef friends...

Triple salchow perhaps? It's going to be very hard for us to sweep Vancouver if you don't know the lingo...