Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Three Years . . .

It was about three years ago today (the actual anniversary might be tomorrow) that I received the fateful phone call that there was a pregnant woman here in Wichita that might be able to help us become a family, if Joy and I were interested.

The days and weeks that immediately followed were tense and emotional and there were lots of ups and downs and ins and outs but we flew to Wichita and, from the first minute we saw Ava on the TV monitor during her ultrasound, we knew we had seen our daughter and that we were a family.

Three years later - there are still moments, almost daily, that humble me and remind me what a challenge and a reward it is to be a parent. And then there are the moments that just confirm why I am going grey and bald (smile).

Here is one of the moments that thrill me, intended mainly for just four very special people in Ava's world but . . . I could not resist sharing it with the rest of you weirdos that actually read this blog.

PS - Many thanks to the Usselman family who's trampoline became an OBSESSION for Ava to the point that we had to get one of her very own . . . if only to stop being asked (Yep, I know . . . I already told you she still takes my breath away . . . of course I'm a sucker parent that gives in on every little thing).

PPS - Joy would be horrified if I didn't clarify here that we don't actually live like gypsies. Joy is in the process of painting the dining room - hence the lack of furniture, the green plastic on the floor and the shoddy trim work!

PPPS - No. To answer a reader who e-mailed me about this already . . . we don't let Ava run around the house in a tutu and leggings every night (just on Wednesdays (kidding)) but we DO let her wear her tutu when recording trampoline-based videos for Grandma and Grandpa Terry and Gamma and Gampa Amo' though. Oh - and we have added "Avalina Ballerina" to her ever growing list of nicknames. It is a sickness, I tell you, a SICKNESS!


Joy said...

Ava has a very active imagination and we do our best to foster and encourage that. You might find her eating breakfast in fairy wings or playng in her cottage wearing her "Fancy Ava" costume. However, she also has boundaries and limits. No need to send in your parenting advice. Life is good in the Amore house.

BrandiK said...


If anyone does not need unsolicited parenting advice. I wouldn't even know what to complain about in that video. You guys are amazing and incredibly blessed and that little girl is a gem!!

BrandiK said...

If anyone does not need unsolicited parenting advice.... it is you guys!

Joy said...

Thank you, Brandi. That means alot coming from you :-).