Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silent Sunday . . .

I've talked about the Pezzulo wedding in October, 2000 several times here. My friend Tom just sent me some photos from the wedding weekend. Seeing pictures of myself, eight-and-a-half years later, looking the way I do in these pictures makes me both sad (for what my life was at that time) and happy (for what it is now).

This is me, Chris Delenick, Tom Kelly and Mrs. Pezzullo. Note the "Ms. Senior Sweetheart of America Pageant" banner above us. We, as you might gather, shared the hotel with the contestants of the event that weekend. Oh - the hook up stories I could tell (smile) . . .

And here, finally, is visual proof of the most uncomfortable outfit I've ever worn in public. The irony being how good the outfit looked on a skinny guy like Delenick.

Thanks for the memories (then and now, in the photos) . . . TJK!

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This Show said...

Yeah I think what makes that picture unique to your blog fans is that this picture was taken in the hotel room after your mother used all of her powers to make the pants larger.

I keep looking up at the picture of you there and the picture of you now. I closed my eyes to your health.

I'm slowly decorating my apartment. I have a picture of us from the J. Crew dressing room in a frame. I may put up some other pics from the old days. But I'll be honest, for as much fun as we had back in the day, I feel better about hanging the new ones.

Thomas J. Kelly