Friday, January 23, 2009

New Shirt Size . . .

Ava and I swung by JCPenney last night. You won't believe this (and I hope you are sitting down) but they are having a SALE right now. I knew I had only a few minutes before the dressing room door would be thrown over by my impatient toddler so I quickly tried on a pair of dress pants and a dress shirt.

I could fit in to a pair of 38 waist pant (proving the Gap jeans were not just a fluke) and I wore a 16 1/2 inch dress shirt.

I am going to "man up" and get on a scale (for the first time in just about forever) this weekend to see what's going on inside this skin of mine. I can only hope and pray that I've lost some weight. My two-year surgaversary is only coming up quick, yuns!

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