Monday, January 19, 2009

Fat, Stupid, Loser Man . . .

I had a co-worker (Imp) telling about her wild and crazy single weekend in the city this morning. She was recounting bar hopping and clubbing and all the other stuff that maybe once would have seemed like fun to me but only now serves to make me feel old, married, tired and happy (smile).

At one point Imp said that her friend got the cute guy and she got stuck with "fat, stupid, loser man." Interesting, to me, that she led with "fat" (in front of me no less (I scolded her, fret not)).

I can think of a lot of reasons to totally dismiss someone but I guess, in a list including stupid and loser (not that these are nice things to say about anyone either (Immmmmmp!)) . . . I would not go with fat FIRST. Of course maybe she could verify he was fat before stupid and or a loser.

Regardless, it reminds me of something Prince said that reminded him of something James (Brown) used to say "I like 'em fat, I like 'em proud." It also reminds me of something that my (now) wife used to say . . . that she loved me for the man I was inside and not the man I looked to be from across the room.

I am not going to chide Imp here (she's a reader and she doesn't deserve it (smile)).

NOR will I insist that people should be less "superficial" in their evaluation of people (yuns go ahead and do what yuns want to do) but I have a female friend of mine that once told Joy and I about a male friend of hers that was "perfect."

He had a boat. He liked to eat at nice places. He was funny. He was charming. He was sweet. He was respectful. He was good at Scrabble. He was . . . just not "as" physically attractive as she would like him to be. Joy and I both wondered what constituted perfection if a mean double word score with a Z in the mix doesn't make any woman swoon! She never said he was fat but I know her well enough to know he probably had bad hair, uncharming eyes and some excess weight.

Long story short . . . it is easy for me to say, now, that people who can accept and see the beauty if a fat person are blessed and that fat people can become less fat but "stupid" and "loser" are likely forever-adjectives (smile) but I wish that Imp, and my other female friend with the critical eye and the rest of the ladies (and GUYS) out there that won't dance with or embrace their bigger, less perfect and fellow single would-be suitors listened to more Prince and/or James Brown.

Life is good!


Katy said...

I like to give you the full picture. I would have described his outfit from head to toe (which was atrocious), but you had put me on a time limit.

Dirty gray t-shirts out on Saturday night? Really, Wichita?

This Show said...

How does imp feel about stupid guys with pot bellies? I'm much more fun at a bar.