Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Biggest Loser . . .

Holy crap. Last night's The Biggest Loser might have been the best single episode in the legendary history of the show. I loved it for two reasons.

1 - Joelle. Oh, sweet Joelle. How hard do you not have to work to make BOB lose his mind and go on a two-minute long, four-letter word framed rant against you in front of the entire gym? I hope you get your stuff together and I hope you realize how darned lucky you are that my boy Daniel got that one-pound penalty that kept you even on the ranch.

2 - How do you choose between a 63 year old and a 19 year old man that are both battling obesity? In an argument posed by Ron that left me wilted on the floor in tears . . . you realize that Jerry has lived a life and has a wife and kids and grand kids . . . without losing the weight Daniel will never realize or have any of those things. That hit home for me in a way that was far too real as I realize all that I would have missed out on if people hadn't advocated for me and protected me and helped me. The world needs more Rons!

Last night's episode showed the best and the worst that the Biggest Loser brings out of the people who "play" and the people who "watch" . . .

YOU have to want to want to lose the weight and get healty. A $25,000 temptation to leave the show can actually make people who are facing death in the face CONSIDER their "options" and even in a completely safe environment with nothing but positive energy, gym equipment and healthy food - some people will still struggle with their weight and motivating themselves to do something about it. And if you aren't "ready" you will lie and try to convince yourself that you are doing all you can do in the meantime.

And the human spirit is still predisposed to cheer for and to help people more than it is inclined to break people down and destroy them. The people dropping back down the hill to help their competitors climb. Daniel struggling in the boot and them climbing that hill made me want to just give him a hug and tell him how proud of him I am and how much I hope he makes it on the show and in life. The persistence and the support were almost overwhelming for me.

If you are NOT watching the Biggest Loser - please, please start. It will move you or educate you . . . or both . . . on life with obesity.

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