Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Along Came Lily . . .

Well. We've gone ahead and done it. We are now DOG owners.

I'm still trying to get my little brain around it but (since the cats clearly didn't work out) we were at Pet Smart on Sunday considering a rabbit or a few fish or a chinchilla as a family pet and - about 48 hours later - we became the proud, adoptive parents of Lily - a five year old Red Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog).

Lily, to clarify, is a gift from Joy's Aunt Melinda and Uncle Bill. The family dog, Lily had to go because Aunt Melinda takes care of her beautiful grandkids during the day and her grandson, Matthew, turned out to be crazy-allergic to dogs.

ONLY allergies could drive a human away from Lily. She's sweet and patient (particulary with 2 1/2 year olds who seemingly don't yet fully understand that dogs are not 100% directable like dolls, stuffed animals and other "toys" in the playroom).

We are still settling in to life with Lily (and vice versa) but - so far so good! She's gotten to know and, uh, "marked" our backlawn and she's found herself a nice place to sleep. My oversized and beloved chair in the living room (you can see it in the pictures of Ava and Lily at left).

Lily came with a full collection of beds, crates, toilet training, great manners, leashes, toys, grooming tools, funny habits, foods, food and water bowls, shampoos, lotions and medicines. Lily, you see, is prone to ear infections (like I was before I had my tonsils and adnoids out (smile)) and she has food allergies that we'll need to watch for too.

We've been warned that Lily is a bit of a "princess" - just what I need with my beloved Queen Wifey and Princess Ava already at home reading books, coloring, fending off the dragons and learning how to strum the harp (or whatever random stuff I picture two highly creative and very talented women do when they are spending the days together) but - if I can handle two members of feminine royalty, I can manage three (smile). We're sure she'll fit in, no matter what.

Here's the plan for Lily and me . . . walking buddy. She likes to get outside. I NEED to get outside. She has energy to burn. I have energy to burn. We have a huge and lovely dog-filled park about a block from the house that we can go frequent and lots of twisty-turny streets in the neighborhood to stomp around on.

In the meantime, we're excited about getting through the adjustment period and just having fun with and making our home more "Americana" and our family a foursome. Ava's already loving life (as this picture clearly illustrates)!


nic said...

Congratulations! Once you've welcomed a dog into your family, you will never be the same.

That last picture of Ava and Lily is absolutely adorable.

This Show said...

I'll stay with Matthew next time in Wichita.

That being said . . . sometimes I wish I could have a dog . . . that someone else would take care of.

That's how I am with kids.