Monday, January 5, 2009

2009 Goals . . .

I haven't really talked about goals since I posted my last set of goals in mid-October. Well . . . those goals are soooooooo last year (and I only got about 1/2 of them taken care of anyway) and I need 2009 goals to get working on. Without much more delay. Here are my personal 2009 goals.

With 11 months and 26 days to bang them out . . . they are sort of ambitious but realistic none-the-less!

1 - Find a hat that actually "works" for me - When I shared this goal with Joy - she politely looked me in the eye and said that she "knew" my goals for the year were going to be "full of sh*t" but I was not kidding her and I'm not kidding now. Here's the thing - as Michael Thomas can/will vouch . . . with the exception of the year I got two knitted ski caps from Vinu for Christmas . . . there has never been a hat that looked good on top of my large, balding dome. Baseball hats? Not a home run. Bowlers? Struck out. Derbies? That horse won't run. Porkpies? Crumby at best. I'm cursed, I think. I'm not defeated though. I shall find a hat that makes me whole (or at least protects my increasingly exposed scalp) by year's end. Keep your eyes peeled for me in the meantime.

2 - Get and STAY under 200 pounds - Enough already. I dropped through the 400s in just a few months. I saw the 300s go in a few more months. I've been "in" the 200s for a year. I'm still at least 25 or so pounds from the 1 at the front of my weight that I last saw in the late 80s/middle school. I must get to my goal weight . . . and stay there. Otherwise, this isn't as much about vanity and ego as it could be (smile) and they will NOT let me jump out of an airplane or have reconstructive surgery in the meantime (so this goal has three very exciting heads). Mark my words . . . by the time this decade ends - I will know what it is like to drop, very quickly, towards the flat and beautiful Kansas landscape . . . and to do that, I've got to lose the weight that keeps me "safe" on the ground.

3 - Excercise 200 times - I know. Absurd. That's like four times a week . . . more than once every other day. At least 180 times more than I might typically have excercised in a year before surgery but if you figure I'm counting and 30 - 45 minutes of sustained physical activity that both raises my heartrate and helps enhance my balance, strength and body tone . . . I can totally manage that. Besides, I need to get fit if I'm going to lose the rest of the weight and make a few of the goals below (read 'em as they come, no cheating). Besides, that is one work out for each pound I eventually want to weigh. Totally managable, right?! RIGHT?! Say it is. Please. Just tell me I can do that. Oy with the excercise!

4 - Clear my nightstand - If you are lucky enough to get the invite to me and wifey's boudouir, you would see a few things that are potentially shocking. No, not the "love swing" or the collection of silky-lacey things she makes me wear to bed (we keep those things neatly hidden away). Not even the shoes that pour out of Joy's closet. What would shock you are the piles of books and magazines that Joy and I each have on our respective nightstands. We thumb at them. We read a page or two of this or a chapter of that. We browse. We mean to read and digest all the literary goodness that Stephanie Meyer (on Joy's side) or Moses (on my side) but we, instead, spend our time on other pursuits . . . like the love swing (I'm kidding. We don't own a love swing. Yet.). I have six books, three magazines, a cookbook and two pamphlets for preschools for Ava that I need to read that stare at me last thing every night and first thing each morning. That pile needs to be addressed.

5 - Get to the Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD area - I miss my people there and, perhaps as importantly, I miss the sites and sounds that my beloved beltway offered. In times B.J. (before Joy) I went, faithfully, every Saturday and/or Sunday to my favorite art museum, if only long enough to look at my favorite painting for almost five straight years. I've not seen that oil-covered canvas in almost three years. I need to fix that. And I need to hang out with Clara Thomas. Check in on Ben (someone needs to (smile)). Walk M Street. Give WMATA some of my dough (while helping Ava learn orange from blue from red from yellow from green). Eat at Lebanese Taverna. I need Ava to see where Mommy met Daddy and where Daddy lived the highs and lows of his 20s.

6 - Get a new job - Yes. This IS a personal goal and no, people at my current job, you don't need to worry. Nope. I want a new job in my current office. I am, I can admit, a career-defined person. Enough already with the current responsibilities and toil. I need to get moving up the ol' ladder and shakidup!

7 - Cook 25 meals for people other than "just" Joy and Ava - I love cooking. I love hosting. I love trying new things. At least twice a month for the next year, I will do all of the above and will enjoy it. Come on over. Seriously! Give us an hour's notice and any food allergies or limitations you might have. Expcect something high protein and low fat for an entree and an over the top dessert to reward you for suffering my issues through the main courses. We'll play Cranium after we eat and, if you are lucky, Joy and I will let you look "comptetive" at it (smile).

8 - De-bloggify my communications efforts - Here's what typing a blog that hundreds of people (including strangers and people I dearly love (and a mix of the above)) read on a daily basis. I don't feel like I have to "tell" anyone anything. Want to see Ava's latest hair cut? It's on the blog. How's my diet going? I blogged on it. Curious about my weekend plans? Read all you want to. It has made me lazy and I regret that. I'm still going to blog but unless all of you start blogging too (and you should, dammit) I'm going to need to start calling, e-mailing and visiting in person more often. I'm serious. This time. Really. Let's get it going. How about a weekly conference call to start - TJK, Linksy and Bah-rooosey?!

9 - Grow something - Joy and Ava grew tomatoes last summer. They (the ones that survived Ava's tender loving, uh, care) were delicious. We want to blow that out this summer with an herb garden, a vegetable garden and maybe even showing the floral beds that the woman who sold us our house put so much loving care in to some of our love. My father has a very green thumb. Surely some of that genetic talent spilled on to me, right?! We'll find out this year. We're going to start with 50 sunflowers along the garage. I'll keep you posted and maybe send you some of our squash!

10 - Show my brothers our home and life here in Wichita - I saw them with an entire week to spare in 2008 and we made my parents the happiest 60-somethings in America by all gathering in Groton for a few days. It's time they venture west of the Mississippi (for more than work) and they see our house and our life and see how we "do things" here in Kansas. We're actually going to have a full blown birthday party for Ava this year. I'm desperately hoping they will come for that but - I have a full year to harass them either way. You've been warned, boys!

11 - Take three vacations - I'm not talking about the Louvre or the Nile (this year) but be it a trip to Missouri to "float" or a drive to Texas to visit Vinu and ChaCha or the above mentioned trip to DC or maybe just a long weekend with a tent at a national park . . . the Amore family is hitting the road in 2009. Thrice! Specific plans still pending!

12 - Spend at least four hours a week doing something that brings me joy - I love movies. I love donating time and efforts. I like feeling helpful. I like learning new things. I love musical performances. I like trying new experiences. I love just being "out there." Time to spend no less than 200 hours (see the growing trend here) doing all of the above and more in 2009. I might take Joy and/or Ava with me some weeks. Others, I'll do it alone. Other times, I might take Dad Terry or Other Mother or Lexy with me. It'll depend on the week and the joy I seek.

13 - Buy and wear fewer neutral clothes - When we do the laundry every Sunday the "brights" load is dominated by Joy's love of vibrant color. The "pinks/reds" load is pretty much all Ava's pink, purple, red and all-of-the-above clothes. The "lights" . . . almost entirely my grey t-shirts, my khaki pants, my navy blue sweaters and my ecru oxford shirts. Enough. I need to get more "invested" in the other loads of the laundry. All EIGHT loads we do on the average Sunday. This is the year that I continue to expand my fashion horizons. Orange cords and pink pants are just the tip of this iceburg of color. If only I could afford you, Ben Silver!

14 - Get Dad Terry's entire record collection on my iPod - I have all the tools. The USB-ready record player. The iTunes software. The HUGE tub of KILLER records from the 60s, 70s and 80s and the desire to convert those bad boys. What I don't seem to have are the dozens and dozens (hundreds?) of hours it might take to actually digitize the music. I'll have to find the time though. Some weeks goals 12 and 14 might just have to overlap.

15 - RUN the 34th Annual Turkey Trot on November 21, 2009 - They say you should end any list of goals with the biggest, the hardest, the most ambitious and the most meaningful. Well - for me - that means running a two-mile "race" (and by "race" I mean I'll be the last one to cross the finish line long after the hundreds of other runners have already gone home, showered and moved on to their weekend plans) but running is one of those things that always baffled me and it is time I figure out what you nut cases who engage in the activity see in the idea of running . . . for "fun." Wish me luck. Oh and rent Run, Fatboy Run. NOT in any way connected to me setting this goal but a very funny, touching and encouraging story that was written by the very talented Michael Ian Black and directed by "Ross" (of all people). Anywho - I'm going to go for it. My goals of working out and making time and taking time and finding joy all lead up to two miles of running. Just in time to start thinking of my 2010 goals.

I'm sure I'll have some short term goals that pop up throughout the year but - by December 31, 2009 - all 15 of these will be accomplished . . . mind, body, pride and logistics willing!

Wish me luck!

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