Friday, December 19, 2008

Top Ten Songs of 2008 . . .

With only 12 days left in 2008, I am comfortable announcing my "definitive" list (might be altered if I hear something that blows my little ear drums in the coming week) of the top ten songs of 2008.

They are, in a very particular order . . .

10 - All Good Things, The Weepies - I really like "folk" music but only if it skews towards pop. I am not a Bob Dylan guy. I've never really understood Neil Young (whatever genre he and Eddie Vedder want to be in on any given day or not) and I don't really miss Peter, Paul or Mary but this group sort of grooves for me. I like pretty much all their stuff but All Good Things is my favorite of their songs from this year. It makes me think of people that I want nothing but the best for . . . which is 99.999945% of humanity (no "love" for you, suicide bombers and those that hurt children and/or their spouses).

9 - Paper Planes, M.I.A. - So what if the song came out in 2007 . . . I didn't hear it until 2008 and that is all that matters - speaking of there is this hot new group called the Mamas and the Papas that you MUST check out in the oh-nine! If you can get past children singing about getting high this is a damned catchy little diddy from one of music's most eclectic ladies. And, I mean, come on . . . PINEAPPLE EXPRESS was one of my favorite movies of the year . . . chicken and the egg argument time (sadly - this is where my pop culture life has gone - unless you want to talk about cameo appearances from celebrities on Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street).

8 - Mansard Roof, Vampire Weekend - Listen to the song twice. If you aren't tapping your foot - you and I can't really be friends/family/strangers. I'm sorry to break the news to you this way but . . . it's for the best. I will play my number ten in your honor and we shouldn't cry over this goodbye.

7 - I'm Amazed, My Morning Jacket - This song makes me happy. Really happy. I am working on a video for this blog (one of these years I WILL finish it) and this song is the "soundtrack" to the video (get your lawyers on the case now, Mr. Jacket). Every time I work on the video I end out crying and putting it away for a while. Interesting that the song, alone, makes me happy but with the pictures it makes it complicated. Oh well. I'm complicated!

6 - Happy, N.E.R.D. - When I was single and living in DC, I would occassionally entertain weekend guests (Laura, Melissa, etc.) and when I did - I would rent either a Caddy or a Lincoln Town Car. I would pick it up on Thursday, drop it off on Monday and drive it the ENTIRE weekend. My DC friends would pile in, my out of town friends would pile in and we'd pimp it all over that darned beltway. I rented a car because guests always wanted to site-see (cursed Smithsonian and dozens of National Landmarks, Treasures, Memorials and Monuments) and I was too fat and too lazy to Metro to and from them all. ANYWHO - N.E.R.D's (led by Pharell Williams (sp?)) first commercially successful album came out at that time. There was a song called Truth or Dare on the album that I loved. It strikes me as odd - now that Pharell and I are both dads (smile) - how far we've come in terms of what tickles us. I do miss my Town Car though. One day I WILL live the dream. Vanity plates (C-M-D-M-S-T-R (shot out to Vinu, The Thomases and Ben Mufti) and all. One day!

5 - Viva La Vida, Coldplay - I'm not going to justify this one. I don't have to. Be happy. Live life. Sweep the streets you used to roam. It's all good. Thanks for reminding me of that, Chris!

4 - Sure Hope You Mean It, Raphael Sadiq - Joey Weeks and I used to actually fight over who "discovered" Tony, Toni, Tone first. Not fistacuffs fighting but raised voices and angry shouts. He's a musical hack, for the record (smile). 15 or so years later, the Tonies are no longer. Raphael is still doing his thing though. His CD from this year reminds me of some old Otis or Marvin or someone else Motowny. This is my favorite song off the album (all of which, for the record, is great for walks with the iPod and/or for car rides with Ava).

3 - Run, Leona Lewis - I love Leona Lewis. Not like I love my wife but more like I used to love Swiss Cake Rolls. I'm not sure why I love them. I know no good might come from it. I know people might judge me for that love but - there it is - LOVE! I was tempted to make this list 30% Leona Lewis BUT this song - since I forced myself to choose just one - is my entry on the list. It is a remake of a Snow Patrol song. I don't like Snow Patrol. I do, if you haven't heard, love Leona Lewis though. Light up, light up, as if you have a choice! I don't ever want to have to (nor do I think she ever will) seperate from or say goodbye to Joy but - if I did - I would want her to know how special she is and how much bigger than me she is anyway. Morbid to think about but - I always do think about that. Especially the morning they were wheeling me off to surgery. This song reminds me of those emotions.

2 - Live Your Life, T.I featuring Rihanna - I once sent a text message to Ro-Ro. It read - "What the hell is wrong with me? I am 32. I love in Kansas. I am married. I have a child. Why do I love a song by a guy that calls himself T.I. and is headed to jail and a girl who's best known as Ri-Ri talking about chasing "that" paper?" He texted back a very simple, "Don't know." On that note. My number two song of the year, curiously enough, is Live Your Life. Do that, please. Unless you are a suicide bomber or you hurt children or your spouse. In that case - seek help!

1 - You Don't Know Me, Ben Folds - Ah, Ben. I love you. In a strictly platonic way. I wanted to put Cologne on my Top 10 list (beautiful song) but I've already got Run on the list so I don't want to imply that there is something wrong in my home life . . . granted the gist of this song is about how a husband and a wife don't really know or listen to each other BUT it does so in an upbeat way so we'll go with that (smile). Check it out. Love it - if only for the Regina Spektor presence. PS - please come closer to Wichita than Kansas City on your next tour, Ben. Please?!

What were the "jams" of the year in your ears? I'm open to new things.

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