Friday, December 19, 2008

That's Why It Is Called a CANDY Cane . . .

Co-Worker: "Wanna' candy cane?"
Me: "No, thanks. I can't have any modified sugars."
Co-Worker: "Diabetic?"

Me: "Gastric Bypass."

Co-Worker: "So why can't you have a candy cane? They are just peppermint flavoring."

Me: "Are you f&$%ing serious?"

Co-Worker: "Yeah. There can't be much sugar in these things, can there?"

Me: "I'll repeat the question . . . are you f&$*%ing serious?"

THIS is why the sugar tax is such a good idea, folks!


Larraine said...

Maybe sugar really DOES make you stupid? As someone who just recently had the surgery, I'm finding something surprising. I've lost my "sweet tooth." I was one of those people who could not eat just ONE piece of chocolate. Recently I bought a really nice sugar-free chocolate bar and had ONE square. The candy is still sitting in the kitchen "snack drawer." I would rather have a nice piece of fruit.

Shib said...

Ditto. I can't have sweet stuff like I used to. I could eat 2 candy bars in one go. Now, 1 bite and I amg ood. If I go for the second bite, I am nauseus.

Sean C. Amore said...

Just remember, ladies . . . ALL your calories (including those from very caloric fruit and bites of candy (you are wayyyyy braver than I am, Shib) count in any given day!