Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Plaza . . .

Growing up in Groton, the "premier" salon for all of your hair, nail and beauty needs was The Plaza in Cortland, New York (we would say it Plahhhhhzuh to show it due respect). Living here in Wichita now, the premier place to do your J. Crew and Tiffany and shopping is also The Plaza. But The (Country Club) Plaza is not a 15 minute drive to Cortland though. Rather, a three hour drive to Kansas City . . . on the "mo" (Missouri, for all the unfamiliars) side!

Thank GOD Tom Kelly was flying in to town - giving me the perfect excuse to frequent the Plahhhhhhhzuh. Tom sends his regards to all of his "Bariatric Journey" fans (he thanks all two of you for your support and interest in him)

It has been a little over a year since I saw Tom Kelly. Ironically Tom was the last "East Coast" friend - besides my sofa-surfing host Casey - that I saw before leaving town and he's my first East Coast friend I've seen since (we also had Chinese food both times we got together - coincidence?! I think NOT!)

We had another great time hanging out. It is, as Tom pointed out. a rare friendship that will allow you to not see a person (and not even talk much with them . . . the occassional e-mail and this stupid blog being your main link) for over a year but to get together and just sort of "pick up where you left off."

Friday was a nice evening. I bought Joy's graduation gift (my "lady" does love the Robin's Egg boxes and all that they contain). I bought some argyle socks. I saw Tom in an adult "union suit" and I also spent a lot of time reflecting, with Tom, on an e-mail exchange I had last week with another old friend and trying to explain to him the deep guilt I have about the way I used to act and how much I appreciate second chances with people that I love.

We also met up with a client of mine (I think Tom was a wee smitten) and a co-worker (who lives in Kansas City and happened to be in the neighborhood).

I didn't get home until 1:00 AM on Saturday (I promiesd Joy I'd be home by 9:00 - thank GOD for the blue box I was holding) but it was well worth the six hours in the car. I crave and adore time with friends - especially those that can finally put their arms all the way around me for the first time in the 14+ years we've been friends.

Come back any time, Tom. Maybe even fly in to the Wichi-Wichi next time. We have Chinese food here too, you know!

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"wee smitten," huh? :o)