Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sebastian . . .

Joy was studying for her finals this weekend but, as Ava's escort, I had the distinct pleasure of attending my first Build-A-Bear birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

Wichita's only other Grotonian (Tricia (Williams) Udland) and her husband, Kyle, celebrated the third birthday of their SUPER cute and bespectacled son, Sebastian, on Saturday and were there to see all the fluffy madness go down.

Joy and Ava have been to Build-A-Bear. A few times. I've never really been in (I ran in once to buy an outfit for one of Ava's existing creatures but have never seen the actual "process" of building a bear before).

The place is scary and enchanting all that the same time. "Madness" is the best word for it. Hundreds of outfits. Stuffing blowing machines, air washers, "dressing" rooms for the creatures, etc. Kids kissing hearts for their bears and dancing about.

I was a little overwhelmed by it all (not sure why) but Ava, Sebastian and the fellow party goers seemed to love it (and all the other parents handled it much better than I did too, to be honest).

The highlight, for me (outside of watching Ava make and dress "Holly" her Christmas Moose), was seeing Mr. and Mrs. Williams at the party.

Mrs. Williams is a reader of the blog (waddup, Mrs. Williams?!) and I've talked about her and her family many times in this forum (they were the unofficial "parents" of the Groton Marching Band (and they suffered many, many long trips with me accordingly). It was very weird to see them - for the first time in probably 14 years or so - here in Wichita but it was great to chat with them and catch up with them.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Williams made some very kind comments about my general appearance (a nice thing to here now that the weight has plateaued) and, frankly, it made me miss my parents and it made me super excited for our trip (two weeks from today!).

My ego, as I've always acknowledged, knows very few limits but I am sort of excited to go home and show myself off to the "home crowd" (wink!).

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TJK said...

Love the picture of you with Ava wearing the trendy glasses.

I love that Tom Kelly character. The blog need more appearances with him. He's my favorite.