Monday, December 29, 2008

Fashion Show . . .

My poor father has been gaining weight for the past few years. Just getting bigger. It is probably equal parts depression, over-eating, lack of excercise and general "acceptance" that getting older means getting fatter and not being as healthy.

Regardless of what it is that causes it . . . I don't like it. It reminds me a) this is EXACTLY why I had gastric bypass surgery and b) that we all need to remind ourselves that while poor health is sort of certain (let's all agree that if the body lives long enough it will eventually start to fail - no matter what) . . . it is not something you have to rush towards or simply accept.

Anywho - happy thoughts - the UP side to me losing 250 pounds and to my father gaining weight (NOT 250 pounds, I should point out) is that when I am home, I get to go through his closet and take anything that is too small for him and that is small enough for me. The DOWN side of even that? It was the late 80s/early 90s the last time he was the size I am now . . . and my father never throws away old clothes.

With that in mind - Ryan and I spent an hour or so last night going through all of my father's old clothes and picking and chosing the (few) things we wanted to keep and just laughing our proverbial butts off at the rest of the piles and piles of "fashion" that we had to dig through.

A few of our favorites? This Napoleon Dynamite-inspired three piece corduroy suit for Ryan (the skinny little bastard is a size 42 suit (I am a 46 still) or it would have been mine. ALL MINE!) . . .

. . . and a Christopher Wallace inspired sweater/hat/pants combo for moi (I have to bust out a little French when we are talking fashion show stuff, right?).

So - what WILL I be taking home from Joe's House of Style? Two golf shirts, three ties and a button down shirt.

The other dozens of items of clothes that we perused will have to wait for Dad to successfully diet his way back down, a yard sale, a United Way donation or Godot. Whatever or whomever comes (mercifully) soonest.


nytova said...

you guys look awesome... i hope you went out on the town that night dressed in those duds!

This Show said...

That sweater is SOOOO Joe Amore. He needs to lose weight and steal that sweater back from you!

The three piece cord suit is so Tom Kelly. What are the odds I can get Ryan to donate it to the cause?