Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Gonna' Miss You, Ro-Ro . . .

Ryan left this morning. Back to Maryland. Back to his life. Back to his world and his sphere of influence. It was hard when Patrick and Joyell left but at least Ryan was still here. I was not "without" my brothers as long as he was still here. And now he's not here.

I was very sad, as I was with Patrick and Joyell, to see him go.

It was sort of funny though . . . he overslept (or something) and from the minute he woke up he was RUNNING to get out of here. Left behind the ham and potatoes my mother made specifically for him to take home (my mother is a feeder/enabler for sure) and skipped the breakfast my mother was cooking to feed him before he left. He hastily threw his stuff in the car and - bam - he was gone.
I was sort of surprised and expressed some concern over how snippy he got and how harried and hurried and rushed he became. Joy laughed and pointed out that I'm exactly the same way the minute I get behind schedule or things fall out of my control. Ah, genetics. You cursed beast!

It was all we could do to get him to sit for a few pictures with Ava and to give us some hugs and kisses (as I sobbed) to say "goodbye."

I'm gonna' miss you, brothers! Let's get togeter again SOON!


This Show said...

Joy never experienced the side of you that says "Wow we're late for the rehearsal dinner. Do you guys want to stop for ice cream on the way?"

Shib said...

Where does your brother live in MD?

Sean C. Amore said...

Stopping at the hotel to drink with the Beantown B*tches and then going for ice cream was the BEST use of defiance I could have thought of for that wedding, my friend. You loved every minute of it. Admit it (smile)!

Ryan lives in Charles County, Shib. White Plains, specifically. It is sort of LaPlata/Waldorfish. He teaches the future of America. He's a great guy!