Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas with the Family . . .

Thanks, in no small part to a minor miracle on the part of the airline and some very brief cloud clearing above (United was able to find a captain to come in on his day off to fly us out of Chicago and on to Syracuse), we made it to Groton for Christmas with the family.

What a day! My other-mother arrived at the house at 4:45 AM CT to take us to the airport and my parents picked us up at 2:15 PM ET at the airport and we were home/home by 4:30. Six of our seven pieces of luggage made it here on time (Joy's suitcase will be delivered between now and 2:00 AM ET in the morning (the poor delivery guy - driving around Upstate in the middle of the night on Christmas).
Anywho - some gastric bypass relevant content (for the first time in a while (smile)) - Today was the first flight I've had, since I went to France as a high schooler, that I was not forced to use the arm rest (to rest my bulging belly, not my arm - by the way) and the first time in as long that I not only did not need a belt extender but I could actually see the belt to fasten it . . . and I could then TIGHTEN the belt (low and tight around the hips, they tell me).

I won't say much now about the trip and how great it is to be with my family but know that it is WONDERFUL to be with my family! I will try to blog a bit while we are here but my brother Patrick and Joyell are leaving on Friday and Ryan is leaving early next week so I want to soak up time with them as much as possible but MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all (especially those stuck at the airport in Chicago . . . again) a good night!

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