Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Tree Lighting . . .

We ventured out in to another cold Wichita evening on Thursday to see Mayor Brewer flip the switch on the city's Christmas tree and to enjoy the fireworks display that followed.

Amazingly, the "quality" of the pictures we got this year were about the same as the duds from last year but one of our many budding "family traditions" remains in tact and we really, really enjoyed it.

I missed my 250 extra pounds as the wind blew right through me and chilled my bony, little fingers to the, uh, bone (check out my remade wedding ring in the picture of Ava and I and please let me know if you agree with a few that have shared their opinions that the band is too thin and "girly" in nature) BUT I was happy that I was able to once again "offically" kick off the holiday season in good health and with my wife and daughter.

Not that many years ago I would have never believed I might actually be "here" to see Christmas 2008.

God bless us one and all indeed . . .

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Katy said...

I told you they were boney.