Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another of My Heroes . . .

In my life, I've idolized many people. Men. Women. Young. Old. Physically and mentally capable. Physically and mentally challenged. Right brain. Left brain. Good. Bad. It is, I promise, just coincidence that MANY of the people I've most admired have been named Sean (or a bastardization of the spelling of) and/or John (I say "and/or" as Sean is Gaelic for John (or vice versa (?))).

Sean Combs. John Candy. Shawn Carter. John Adams. Shaun White. Okay - not Shaun White - I don't so-much admire the Flying Tomato! It is just coincidence . . . or a Lostonian conspiracy that great men just happen to be tapped as Seans and Johns!

Another great John? John Goodman!

Mr. Goodman not only made me laugh for years and years as Dan Conner but he also stars in my favorite movie of all time. He killed it in King Ralph. He made Fred Flinstone funny. He was one of the many things that I miss about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. He made the West Wing tolerable. Oh . . . and he gives a really good "What I've Learned" interview to Esquire too!

Some highlights . . .

- There are no coincidences.

- Giving up a lot of yourself isn't really that hard when you realize that you get more than you give up.

- There's no formula to life. If I figured one out, I'd probably have to check out the next day. "Oh, Mr. Goodman, your seven o'clock stroke is here, sir."

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