Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Coat . . .

It is cold here. I mean COLD! Perhaps not enough to argue with Al Gore about his little "theories" and perhaps it is another reminder that I have lost 250+ pounds in the last two fall-to-winter transitions versus a true crisis of Ice Age indication but I don't like this cold weather one bit.

I used to sleep with my windows open in the winter. I kid you not. Central New York. "Lake effect" snow. 20s and teens for the daily high. January. My bedroom window? OPEN! In college - skinny little Bruce would close the window each night in the winter once my snoring really set in. Even in the early days of "Sean and Joy" . . . much battling over the windows in the winter. I could not get cold enough. Not any more. The first hint of cold winter air and I'm running for my wool sweaters and thermal undies. I have been sleeping with SOCKS on (the horror of that admission chills me).

SO - last winter I bought myself a "farewell" to shopping in New York City gift at Ralph Lauren. I $400, 3XL, heavily insulated, olive green coat that I adored . . . and that was loose to begin with and sloppy big on me by the time the thaw came. My father has the coat now. I hope he's wearing it as I type because - if it still fit - I'd be wearing it just to have something I love on my shoulders. ANYWHO - I found myself "coatless" again this week.

I remidied the situation though. I've got myself a nice, little, black, wool driving coat that I scored for $70 at . . . I hope you are ready for this . . . a SALE at JC Penney (they NEVER have sales so I had to take advantage (smile)). It is NOT the $200, chocolate brown, cashmere/wool/cotton blended Cole Haan coat that I fell in love with at TJMaxx earlier this evening and I don't "love" this coat but it is a size large and I love th at I have a warm coat as the cold weather hits home.

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