Friday, November 28, 2008

Navy Blue Friday . . .

So I'm already back from my "Black Friday" shopping (have been back for about 20 minutes already at it is only 7:40 AM CT as I sit here typing).

Joy and Ava are still asleep. I've already had my eight ounces of fat free, organic milk (had that at about 5:25 this morning when I rolled out) and I am having my "breakfast" as we speak . . . some leftover turkey and a slice of pepper jack cheese.

I figured I would do some blogging while the house was quiet and before I resume packing away the Thanksgiving decorations, carrying the Christmas stuff up from the basement and raking up the rest of the leaves in the lawn (the good news there is that it is supposed to rain here today so I might not have to deal with the lawn and the outdoor lights/decorations today after all).

I had an okay morning of shopping. I finally got my Christmas Eve outfit for our nervous (will explain in another post) return to St. Anthony's Catholic Church in Groton, New York. I also picked up three additional new sweaters, a pair of navy blue pants (I can now say I own all the colors of chinos that JCPenney has to offer (smile)) and I got my Christmas Pajamas too (a flannely tradition here in the Amore household). Then I crossed the street to Target where I got matching flannel pajamas for Ava and Joy for only $15/pair. I finally picked up season 7 of Gilmore Girls (we DO miss you, ladies) for only $14. Bought Madagascar for like $6 and we got Ava her own digital camera (in hopes that she will forget her obsession with our beloved camera) for $20 and even found a sweet deal on paper towels. Who knew Target blew out allllll the stops the day after Thanksgiving?!?!?!

It was a good morning. I had some fun and I am now officially in the holiday spirit. I'm soooo in the spirit that I actually want to run to Hallmark later this morning, buy three cards and then get the light-up gingerbread house thingy they are hawking for Ava.

That being said, LAST year on "Black Friday" I was probably the giddiest damned shopper on Wichita's East Side. I'd only been home for a few weeks. I was finally small enough to shop in most retail stores and I was creeping towards being able to leave the Big & Tall world behind. I shopped with my Other-Mother and Stephanie for several hours before finally, heading home exhausted and satisfied.

This year? Not so much on the "giddy" side. I think it is one more reminder that my surgery was almost two years ago - that the weight loss has slowed/stopped and that this is the rest of my life. I didn't even walk by the Big & Tall section of JCPenney. I didn't think twice to just grab a few long sleeve t-shirts (size Large) and to look at pants without immediately going straight for the bottom of Chino Mountain (where the biggest sizes are).

I'm excited to be "normal" - don't misunderstand and I do sort of miss the sheer joy of being able to shop for ME, in clothing stores, at 5:45 AM (if you've never gotten up to do some crazy, mid-o-the-nite shopping the day after Thanksgiving . . . just trust me . . . it can be thrilling and joyous) but I am THANKFUL (you'll be seeing/reading/hearing that word a lot in the coming weeks) that my life is more normal now than it was a year ago and that I am getting comfortable with me. I say that, of couse, acknowledging that I pretty much HATE the way my body looks in any/all clothes lately (all this excess and sagging skin is hard to strap in/down, dang it)!

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