Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Wedding Ring No Longer Fits II . . .

About a year ago, I mentioned that I had a serious problem - my wedding ring didn't fit anymore. I spent an anxiety filled week without my wedding band (the ladies FLOCKED to me without the "forcefield" of a wedding ring to keep them away (totally kidding)) and got back a ring that fit again and that made me as happy as the day I wed my beautiful bride.

Well it has been a year and I've lost another 100 or so pounds and . . . as the cold air continues to swirl around the mighty Wichi-Wichi, I went to the same jeweler tonight and, fearing I might lose my loose fitting gold band in the chill, had my ring resized again.

Not just "resized" though. Nope! Rebuilt. Redesigned. Rethought. Retooled. Redone! It should be ready for me on Wednesday. What will it look like? What did I have done? One of three things . . .

a - Just had it resized down to a size 8 (the ring started as a size 12 three and a half years ago).
b - Had the design featuring two buffed "bands" joined together with shiny white gold rejiggered to just be one buffed band (about 1/3 the width of my previous ring) with beveled edges and they will give me back the other half of my ring so I can use it for any future white gold needs (or melt it and sell it to pay for cable one month - my choice)
c- Had flames, a white dove (of peace) and T-H-U-G airbrushed on the ring

Which one did I go with? You'll have to wait to find out (I know, the "anticipation" is killing all of you) but I'll give you a hint -they refused to do any airbrushing, the prudes.

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