Monday, November 24, 2008

More Obesity News Out of Canda . . .

It must be some kind of epidemic up north (get it? Obesity is an epidemic?! Hardy-har-harrrr!). I just read another interesting story about obesity in Canada.

It turns out that an age-old debate that has raged here in the 50-nifty is also raging its way through the ol' red-white-and-leafy too!

What SHOULD an obese person pay to fly on an airplane? If you are on several US air carriers, you should pay double . . . even if you just "bleed over" (as one airline put it when the policy was first introduced (I wish I could find that link/content/statement today)). In Canada though - not so much. You should pay for ONE seat as you are ONE person.

It turns out the high court in Canada (they call it the Surpreme Court too) believes that people with obesity and other disabilities should only have to pay for one seat.

Read that again . . .

Obesity and OTHER disabilities. Interesting that the ruling was about disabililties but a majority of the coverage of said ruling focuses only on the obesity part. I guess the press and the public at large would feel bad dumping on one of the participants in the case that had a disease that impaired his motor skills or a woman who was involved with the initial case that requires a personal assistant and some additional help (wheelchair and/or crutches) to travel too.

Yep. Best to leave those folks alone . . . their conditions are not their "faults" but the obese? Screw 'em! They ate their way in to the problem and they should just excercise their way out, right?

I mean COME ON! I've ranted and raved about this topic too many times. The long and short of it is this . . . let's start to really recognize obesity as a true medical problem (note - some of the medical establishment - thanks to insurance companies that are forcing their cronies on the other side of the billing process to start doing something about this problem for financial reasons (ahem)) and let's put some resources behind it.

Let's start with coverage of psychological and physical therapies for obese persons, greater pharma research for medications and enhanced coverage - for those that meet criteria and are good candidates - of procedures like gastric bypass surgery and let's continue with a little friggin' compasion for people who are heavier than you.

In the meantime, let's just let CANADA make up its own mind and deal with its own problems (or lack their of, from the sounds of it) and not get too upset about their decisions in the meantime. We're not upset that they still sort of report to the Queen of England, are we?!

My two cents on this . . . let the obese of Canada take the friendly skies like anyone else. Let them deal with the stares and glares of their fellow passengers (trust me on this - I would GLADLY have paid double to fly if I didn't have to take the visual loathing on every plane I ever boarded) and let's just keep seeing obesity for what it is . . . another debilitating medical condition that needs more attention and sympathy.

OH - for extra "giggles" (and by that I mean offensive chat from people who really don't undertsand how to just discuss obesity without getting all nasty, negative and stoopit about it) read this article with focus on the comments the kind folks with Internet access leave behind.

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