Sunday, November 23, 2008

Go On Home, Big Man . . .

I'm way behind on this (has been in my drafts folder for over a week) but I read this interesting story about a Canadian inmate (and drug dealer, if I read the story correctly) who was released from prison two years in to his five year sentence for being too large for his cell.

Mr. Lapointe, or "Big Mike" to friends, customers and cartel members, weighed about 450 pounds at the time of his release and was only released after two other detention centers refused to take Mike off the hands of his current holders.

This story fascinates me, for a few reasons. One - it shocks me (as a man who had nearly 100 pounds "on" Big Mike (we're like friends now)) that I could have been too large for prison if I was Canadian. This doesn't make me want to gain my weight back, move north and commence (resume?) a life of crime but it DOES make me think twice about my mortification every time I got on the Metro or squeezed in to an airplane chair or huffed and puffed my way through meetings in regular sized chairs, etc.

This guy was too big for prison. He's a free man now. He's good to go. He was - to be clear - a drug dealer. I'm sure if he was a murderer or a child molester or something of a "violent" criminal they would have figured something out.

I was super annoyed with this story . . . who is this guy to have his weight get him OUT of situations and things he didn't want to do?! Then - I started to think about it . . .

I got out of all kinds of crap because of my weight. Physical education class? Nah. BUT other stuff - sure. LOTS of stuff. I never intended for my weight to give me a free pass but the world, including those that loved me and knew me, saw me unfit to do all sorts of crap.

Anywho - I hope Big Mike goes straight and doesn't put himself back in a situation where jail could await him ever again but I sort of appreciate this story for helping to remind me of all the times my weight got me out of situations and how often I wished my weight would have gotten me out of or precluded me from being in other situations.

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