Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blues Traveler . . .

When I was in college, I used to carpool to and from Upstate with my friend and hallway neighbor, Corona (who is a reader of this here blog). When it was his turn to drive and Corona didn't have access to the Explorer and his mother was busy, his older brother, Joe Junior (as we called him) who went to St. Bonaventure University (the alma mater of mes parents et mon frere Ryan (and several others in my extended family) and a place I almost went to school myself), would come pick us up or drive us back. Joe Junior was (and likely still IS) the man if ONLY for introducing me to Blues Traveler (in hind sight - I was technically "introduced" to Blues Traveler while working at Camp Barton as a high schooler but that story is not nearly as memorable as the Joe Junior story so we'll go with this one instead).

Anywho - Blues Traveler - so I took my first steps towards away from my chosen musical genres of youth (pop, R&B, soul, Rap, Hip Hop and Classical (yep, you read that right) with my first Blues Traveler purchase . . . Four.

To this day it is one of my favorite CDs and my favorite song on the CD is "Look Around". I was messing around with my iTunes a few minutes ago and stumbled across it and gave it a spin and realized that I had NO idea what that song was really about as a college kid (in my defense I didn't understand the mysteries of smoking pot either but it didn't stop me from giving it a few hundred tries).

I'm not even totally sure if I get it now but the song reminds me of how angry I was at most of the world for my mid- and late-20s and how unapologetic I was to those that I hurt and annoyed and alienated and yet, frankly, how much I disliked myself at the time anyway.

I'm rambling and I don't know if this post makes sense anyway . . . I'll let John Popper explain it (or try) . . .

You'll get no answer from me
About what I get or want I want
That was enough to make her leave
She's not the first one come and gone
And I don't care
Buyer beware of me
Cause it might get rough

If you want peace then live alone
If you wanna hide then find a stage
Each a brief but perfect home
To accomodate your rage
And sometimes
In the midst of all my crimes
I feel lost
Or have I lost enough?

So - to those "come and gone" I just want you to know that I am now able to let things go and I do feel like I've lost enough.

In the meantime, thanks for the tip on the killer music and keep on rockin', Joe Junior!


Cuse44 said...

Sorry, that last post was a test post. I forgot my passord and shit weeks aog, failed several times to log-in. so, I put in a test message to avoid having to type my real message 10 times, and I get it right ont he first time. WFT!!!

anyway, Joe Jr., or "Boo" as I call him, will be exicted to know he introduced you to Blues Travlers. I remember the rides and they were fun. My all time favorite is the "Make a left at Fresnos" comment by Boo to Brucey and you, which had him freaking out trying to find the syracuse airport.

The next 3 year at QC, "Fresnos, Dude." I still, today, think of Bruce and Boo everytime I pass Fresno's.

I know you are going to be busy when you come home, but if you are planning on going to Cuse to the mall or whatever, let me know...!!

Joe Corona, Jr said...

wow... I am humbled.

I work with my brother and he sent me this blog... awesome.

funny thing is I listen to this album EVERY time I mow my parents and sisters lawn. It rocks my iPod and the music is as timeless as Biggie Smallz saying,"I like it when you call me Big Poppa."

I appreciate the reference and the kudos...


Joe Junior!

Sean C. Amore said...

Corona - We are actually flying IN and OUT of Syracuse (bang a left at Fresno's (smile))! I would love to catch up, time permitting. Thanks for checking in and sharing the blog with Boo (which, of course, makes me think of Joe Boo of Dana 1 West fame (smile)).

Much love to you too, Joe Junior! The OTHER great musical influence you've had in my life is the orchestral recordings of Pink Floyd (sp?) stuff!

See you BOTH at Fresno's!

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