Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ava Explains Thanksgiving . . .

We bought Ava some Thanksgiving "toys" and books to help her understand the magic that is the totally reinvented, reimagined and otherwise fabricated story that is Thanksgiving.

The truth is that we'd really like to just have her take one full day a year to be really, truly retro and introspective and to be thankful and appreciative for what life has given her and for the things in her life that she values (lately that would largely entail her Wall-E DVD, her many Madagascar 2 toys and her fake Ugg boots) and to spend the day with friends and family, etc. BUT we also want her to enjoy the magic and spirit of the holiday season too (we will be encouraging her to embrace Santa Claus so we should be fair on the other occassions as well, I suppose).

Anywho - Joy and I have told Ava the story of Thanksgiving many, many times and we've read the books to her and we've let her play and enjoy her toys. HERE, on the eve of her third Thanksgiving, is what has stuck in her brain about the lore of the holiday.

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . Thanksgiving, acording to Ava . . .

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