Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Stick with the Program . . .

I've always been very upfront about the NEED that I see (in terms of protecting the good name of the gastric bypass procedure and those that have and/or perform it) in having patients be involved in a solid, long-term "program" that runs before and after surgery in terms of success.

Today - I feel a little less crazy (about this one very, very small aspect of my life). According to the ASMBS, there is new and scientific evidence that programs can enable success for patients.

"Those patients who were most compliant with surgeon recommendations after bariatric surgery lost 35 percent more weight the first year and tend to keep more weight off even after five years, according to new patient and bariatric surgeon surveys conducted by Harris Interactive(R), for the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)."

. . . or so reads the press release the group released with their survey findings.

More importantly, 94% of all survey respondents agreed with me on my claims that programs enable and further success.

Some other interesting survey findings include . . .

"Surgeons believe regular exercise (67%), changing eating habits (58%) and support group attendance (34%) are the most difficult components of aftercare for patients and that while both groups of patients face compliance challenges after surgery, gastric band patients have a more difficult time with it than gastric bypass patients (59% vs. 49%). In addition, surgeons indicate that missed doctor appointments, insurance issues and long-distance travel are the reasons they do not see their patients more often."

and . . .

"According to the survey, surgeons believe patients choose gastric bypass over gastric banding because it results in more weight loss (51%), they knew someone who had it (40%), to lose weight more quickly (34%) and for "better comorbidity resolution" (23%). They say patients choose gastric banding over bypass because it's less invasive (63%), safer (59%), reversible (55%), results in fewer complications (41%) and because they knew someone who had it (25%)."

Long story long . . . get yourself in a program and stay there!


flipman416 said...

It is so awesome to see articles about this on how in the long run if you stick with it and keep fighting you will benefit from it. Also by sticking with the program every weight loss patient needs to be on top of all their nutritional needs check this site out for alot of helpful info.


Sophia Jason said...

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