Sunday, October 5, 2008

On a Walk. Down. By. The. RIVER . . .

I've been trying to walk more and more lately. I don't walk like one of those crazy, spandex-clad, arms-swinging, in-time breathing, walkman-carrying, sweatband-adorning people though. I just walk. One foot in front of the other. No real agenda. No real "mission." No real "to do" list.

If I can widdle 30 or 45 or - dare to dream - 60 minutes out of a day three or four days a week to just put one foot in front of the other, I'm a happy guy.

When I was in college, my roommate Bruce took me under his very, very fit wing. He got me going to the gym and he got me thinking about how I could put down the box of Cheez-Its and pick up a pair of sneakers and wind out ahead of the game for the time spent.

I walked and walked and walked my Sophomore year of college. It was good excercise for me and I lost a lot of weight in a relatively little amount of time (don't worry, I gained it ALL back during semester break and then gained more than I ever lost that summer).

College was not the first time I was a "walker" - in high school I REFUSED to get my driver's license. I was scared to death to have a car under my control - something I'm sure Joy and most Kansans wish I still feared or at least had a "healthy" level of fear of today). I walked. Everywhere (unless I could get a ride from a friend). I walked to work at the bank after school most days and I would walk to see friends all over town. I would even go for walks in the evening with my friend Melissa and/or any one else that felt like beat-footin' around the boomin' town of Groton.

College was not the last time I was a walker either. In DC . . . until the scales crossed the 400 mark at least . . . I was a walking machine. I would skip the metro and walk to work from my foggy bottom apartment and then I would walk to happy hour or to social events after work. I'd often walk (occassionally drunk) from Capitol Hill back to my apartment too. I even once walked from Union Station to Georgetown on Pennsylvania Avenue just to see how long it would take (the answer . . . just short of FOREVER).

Then I got a car and I just sort of stopped walking. For a while.

Welcome back to my life, walking. I've missed you and I enjoy you more than ever with Ava, Joy and the might Arkansas (that is Ar-Kansas (vs. Ar-can-saw) if you are in Wichita) by my side. The Douglas/Keeper of the Plains loop is a personal favorite of mine!

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