Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist . . .

Joy and I ditched Ava with grandma and grandpa today and decided to celebrate her birthday in style following her Saturday morning class.

What constitutes "style," you ask? Well. I'll tell you. We went out to lunch at one of our favorite, but rarely frequented, places here in Wichita - Cheddars and then we went to see a teen-movie. Or something LIKE a teen movie.

The movie was excellent. I mean really, really good. It sort of scared me to see how your "typical" high schooler in the New York City suburbs is portrayed in the movie but - beyond that - it was a fun tale of an all-night romp around Manhattan (and a little bit of Brooklyn, too) and the bonds of friendship and the awkwardness of young love.

All kidding aside - Nick and Norah might be the best movie (that is not a summer "blockbuster" type thrill ride) in a long, long time. Very original. Very sweet. Very enjoyable.

Check it out!

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