Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New Set of Goals . . .

They are long overdue but here is my latest collection of goals. Some are personal. Some are about fitness and quality of life. Most are pretty easy (I'm in a phase where I want to level off vs. just run myself ragged on the goals).

Few, frankly, have anything to do with weight loss. ALL of them come due on March 20, 2009 (if not sooner).

I'll keep you updated on these if you will keep me honest!

1 - Celebrate My Beautiful Wife Graduating From College - In September, 2003, Joy and I were about a month in to our relationship. She came over to the apartment. We cracked the lids on bottled Frappuccinos, put down the tabloid magazines and started talking about goals. They were all over the place but the one . . . the ONLY one . . . that we have not realized together (save for the European Vacation that was on our 10-year goal list) was that Joy wanted to graduate from college. We are just eight short (and yet ungodly LONG and difficult) weeks from that goal. When I say that I'm proud of Joy . . . it is an understatement. I'm in awe of her. When she gets that piece of paper we're going to celebrate. The party, I hope, will be legen-wait for it, wait for it-dary! Farewell, old goals!

2 - Clean Out the Basement Storage Room and Start Painting - If you go down to our basement and bang a left at the bottom of the steps, you will find my least favorite area in our house. It is just sort of a dumping ground. Ava's out grown toys. Boxes of dishes and glasses that we have yet to unpack from the move. A tool table. Another table. Two night stands. Two ottomans. Four random chairs. A fan. Some spray paint. Three televisions we don't want/need/use. It COULD be a good space to paint in. It WILL be a good space to paint in. Eventually.

3 - Communicate, on a 1:1 Basis, with Friends and Family - I blog and I send mass e-mails. That is lame. Super lame. I heard from Corona (a college friend) today and it prompted me to realize that he typed me THREE MONTHS AGO and I still had not responded. So - starting this week - I'm going to start sending personal e-mails and cards (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and calling friends and family on a regular basis. Which reminds me - I don't know when half of my friends have their birthdays and anniversaries. Tragic, really. I'll rectify that.

4 - Continue My Experiment with "Faith" - I'm dipping my toes. I'm learning a ton. I'm enjoying the time and the experiment and the process. I need to get serious about it though. I need to really commit myself to understanding the journey I am on in terms of my faith. I hope to make it a family affair but I have to make it a personal affair first. This much I know.

5 - Do Another Walk-a-Thon or "Run" - Yep. I am going to walk with a massive collection of strangers again. I might even try to run (there are a few one and two mile races on the horizon here in Wichita that I might want to try). I DOUBT I'll run but - this is goal setting - let's set them high and strong. And chase them (get it . . . HA, I kill me).

6 - Enroll in a Class for Ava and I to do Together - It will likely be swimming again but maybe it will be a dance class or a gymnastics class or some other form of excercise. She and Joy go to gymnastics, ballet, hip hop dance and other one-off classes together. I get sort of jealous. She's at such a "spongey" time. I want to be more of a part of her absorption than just evenings and weekends allow.

7 - Find Dress Pants that Actually Fit - If you look at me naked (please don't) you will notice that most of my remaining weight and all of my excess skin is making a large and unattractive panis (I said pAnis). I loathe it every day but mainly when I'm trying to get pants. I am between waist sizes because of my panis. I can't get lighter-weight dress pants because of my panis. I'm being held back by my panis. Panis. Panis, panis, panis. PANIS.

8 - Finish my 18-Month Sugeraversary Project and Post It Here - I started a project in JULY that I wanted to have up by my 18-month point. Now, on the eve of my 19-month point, it is still in the early stages. Must finish. Must post. Must cross of the list. Working on it upsets me. I think that is why I'm so hesitant. Must move past/through that.

9 - Go East - I ain't talkin' 'bout El Dorado or Topeka or Kansas City. I'm talking East. Northeast. Must. Get. "Home." Must.

10 - Make This Thanksgiving the Most Thankful Day I've Ever Had - Last year I was the freak show who'd lost the weight. This year, I'm the man who has a blessed life and wants to celebrate that. Be thankful for that. I'm planning two legendary meals for the Terry/Timmermeyer/Amore/Salmans family. I can't wait to cook 'em, serve 'em and just enjoy the day and the long weekend with family. I wish the Amores were going to be here but - you can't have it all. See number nine for how I can be so "glib" about my own family.

11 - Organize My Tie Collection - I have about 40 ties. I love most of them. I want to be able to, at 5:45 AM when I'm getting dressed for work, just grab a tie - wrap it around my tired neck and roll out. I can't do that now. I need to get organized. You have NO idea how much time I waste trying to pick out a matching tie and shirt combination in the morning. Sounds petty but it makes me absolutely crazy.

12 - Read Two Books Before Christmas - I'm borderline eliderate (botched spelling is intended to be funny) at this point. I read magazines. Web sites. E-mails. Never a book. Never just a nice, long, get-immersed-in-a-story, BOOK. I have two started. If I finish both of them, I'll count it as a victory. I have seven other books ready to be cracked too. I'm going to get cracking on the reading.

13 - Start to Curb My Swearing/Cursing/Ranting/Raving - So Ava is "spongey" and that includes Daddy's filthy mouth. Make no mistake - I don't rant or rave or bitch or complain NEARLY as often as I used to (not as angry = not as filthy) and I am not as vulgar as I once was either (maturity alone knocked that around) but I still drop a few too many four-letter-words and let too many things ignite my rage (like Kansas drivers and Kansas voters (smile)). Ava dropped a dollar bill at the pumpkin farm the other day. She picked it up but, in bending over said - clear as day - "sh*t!" That is on me. I must stop teaching my daughter four letter words or letting her think she can use them.

14 - Walk for 45 Minutes a Day, 5 Days a Week - I need to get my flat bike tire fixed and the weather is perfect for walking so . . . let's walk. Five days a week (including our lazy family stroll on Sunday mornings) is managable. I just need to prioritize it. I finally loaded up my iddy-biddy-iPod with walking tunes (14+ hours worth, at this point) so I have no more excuses.

15 - Weigh 200 Pounds by March 20, 2009 - I've got 33 pounds and five months. If I can lose just seven pounds a month (once thought to be a HUGE goal but - since I've had 40 pound weight loss months in recent past it seems very doable) I will do it. I am still not sure how much of my weight, at this point, is excess skin but I know there is still plenty of fat on these bones.

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