Saturday, October 11, 2008

Guest Blogger - Wifey Talks about the Pumpkin Patch . . .

Ah, I forget.

I forget how different life is now as opposed to two years ago or even a year ago for that matter. Time passes, things change, you adjust and, sadly, you take life for granted.

Then you have days like we had today at Walter’s Pumpkin Patch and you can’t help but feel blessed.

I cannot tell you how full my heart is on days like today. If you could see the sheer joy in my husband’s eyes as he races our little miracle to the slides, you’d feel it too.

You wouldn’t be able to hold back a smile as you watched him, his cheeks flushed, forehead glistening, heart pounding, and laughing – laughing that sweet, genuine laugh that sometimes adults forget about.

I do my best to look around, to take it all in and savor the moment. It’s not just watching him play with our daughter as she laughs and says “wait for me daddy” that gets to me, it’s watching HIM play. Watching him jump and run and dance and climb, watching him reclaim his childhood.

He told me once that he was either too self-conscious or too heavy as a child to do a lot of the things that most of us take for granted. He watched from the sidelines instead of joining in. I can’t help but think he’s making up for lost time on days like today and I can’t help but say a silent “thank you” to Dr. Zuccala, the hospital, to my husband and his fierce determination and to the universe for making it all possible.

This day I will not forget. This day I will not take for granted.

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Teresa said...

I don't know how I found your blog but this, your wife's post, was worth whatever I did. This is the sweetest most loving thing I have read about weight loss surgery. Bless all your hearts. What a grand ride it is.