Sunday, October 26, 2008

Eagle Comic Search . . .

So this has NOTHING to do with weight loss or gastric bypass surgery or anything else that I normally blog about (and who is NOT proud of me for avoiding talking about the election on this blog for the last several months (and weeks in particular)).

Still with me? Good!

I was browsing, aimlessly, around The Wichita Eagle's web site today (as I am prone to do during my lunch time on a Monday if I'm not super-busy with real work) and I came across a survey to see what people think of the cartoons in the paper. And it made me think about something I've never really pondered. Cartoons - in the newspaper - and if they are funny or not.

Now, I'll be honest . . . I've never really understood The Family Circus (it is about the bible, right?) and while I enjoy the TV specials I never really got Snoopy either (it is also about the bible, right?) and a sarcastic cat that eats Lasagna is not really all that funny - 20 years later - to me either. Maybe I'm not the right guy to be weighing in on these subjects though. I don't exactly rip in to the newspaper every morning to get my daily dosa-funny BUT I think I'm a little behind on the comic "trends" in terms of what the kids are laughing at these days on their iPhones and with their snarky, txt mesig languig and their high top sneakers and Avril Lavigne CDs.

I digress . . . once you get past Betty Boop and Judge Parker (that one isn't supposed to be funny, is it?) there are some REALLY funny comic strips that the Eagle wants opinions on (in terms of funny). I used to like The Far Side and my friends Michael and Megan have/had a friend in the DC suburbs that ran marathons and wrote/drew comic books (I bought a large, framed image from the guy at a fundraiser he had for his marathon training) and I have laughed at many cartoons and cartoon movies in my day (South Park comes to mind as does the somehow-I-find-funny-despite-being-"for-kids "The Mighty B" on Nick Jr.) but I have never really laughed/laughed at a still comic before.

I digress again . . . I was surprised to find that I liked a number of the nominees (you can see them all here) but the one that made me laugh, out loud, was Deflocked a hilarious little "strip" (as the industry lingo might call it) about all things funny in the day to day of life.

Anywho, check out the site - have a laugh (or two) on me . . . and Jeff, the guy that actually draws the little pictures and writes the funny lines (and perhaps even does his own coloring - althought Chasing Amy taught me that it takes three people to complete a comic (in the book world at least)).

If you feel so inclined (and live in the Wichita area and/or read the Eagle, faithfully and daily basis (and who DOESN'T?!?!?!)) please take a few minutes to vote on all the cartoons that are up for consideration and please pan every comic that is based on biblical humor. The bible was not meant to be funny or even amusing, was it?! Perhaps I'm behind on what the theologians are laughing at too, come to think of it. And pan anything you don't like beyond that too . . . we need to clear more space for Defrocked in the Mighty Wichi-Wichi's version of the Grey Lady!


TJK said...

Calvin and Hobbes . . . ahh the memories.

michael said...

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