Saturday, October 25, 2008

Difference of Appearance . . .

We went to the Night of the Living Zoo event tonight. It was our first time going to the event and, boy, was it ever an adventure. We got there at 6:30 (when the event was slated to begin) and the line - while moving quickly - was a few thousand people deep (we saw my fellow Grotonian, Tricia, and her husband and son (Yoda, on that particular evening)). It was 60 degrees when we arrived and barely 50 when we left but Ava and Lexy seemed to have a great time, despite the falling tempurature and the late night for Ava and we had fun.

Anywho, the point . . . we straightened Ava's for the evening. We've long wondered what it might look like straight and she's been interested in Joy's flat iron for quite some time so we figured - why not - most witches don't have big, bouncy, beautiful curls anwyay.

The results were sooooo dramatic in terms of how different Ava looked (not better, not worse, just DIFFERENT) and it made understand how people are shocked at the differences in my appearance in the last year and a half. I've just lost weight - I argue in my mind - and yet just taking the curls out of Ava's hair left me shocked.

Anywho - Happy (early) Halloween!

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Shakila said...

OMG! Is she the CUTEST witch EVER or what?? I'd love for a little "bad" witch like Ava to cast a spell on "evil" me :)