Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Biggest Loser . . .

I'm way behind on adding my two-cents to the world of The Biggest Loser. It is not that I'm not watching and/or loving the show. I AM (both).

It is the larger issue of a) our current schedule with Joy in school and our DVR allowing us to watch TV on our "time" often moves a Tuesday night show to Sunday afternoon viewing (if not a longer delay) and b) it is really hard to feel emotionally invested in the players so early on.

The first two-hour episode, while full of tears and triumphs is mainly just a "gettin' to know you" stroll around the ranch. I can't remember the red team from the brown team with just episode one as a reference point and I never feel all that bad about the first people sent home. I just don't feel like I got to konw them at all.

The second week is when I start to get in to it. And the second episode this different was no different. Our last-season throw backs (the overly thick accented macho men of the Boston suburbs) got bounced off the show.

The third episode though . . . now the third episode I LIKE. And this one was a heartbreaker. Enter the yellow team. A father-daughter team from Ohio with the 51 year old father, a police officer, hoping that his daughter, 24-year-old Coleen, can get a second chance at a life without obesity while Coleen just wants to know that when/if she gets married, her father will be there to walk her down the aisle. Jerry was (I just played my hand) the sickest player ever on The Biggest Loser. He could not participate in the workouts and challenges, he was so sick and his body was so stressed. But he did all he could and he lost 18 pounds in 21 days in his time there . . . and then went home and lost 50 more pounds.

I won't get in to the emotions for me but - knowing what a motivation Ava was for me to do what I've done and to keep the weight off . . . it makes me glad that I will never have to have my daugther look me in the eye and just, through tears, ask that I please be around when she gets married. It was beautiful and wonderful and sticky-sweet all at the same time.

Make no mistake . . . Coleen (who stayed on the ranch because of this week's elimination set up) is a total threat to the rest of the people in the house. She's young, she's losing weight, she's tough and she wants it BUT I have to stand by my favorite color (which is Chastity free this season) and root for this season's orange team, Ed and Heba.

I hope to get more "analytical" and "timely" during this season of The Biggest Loser but, for now, know that I'm watching and rooting for the contestants and know that I'm LOVING that I am lighter than every man on the show and many of the women. It is ODD to be able to say that. ODD, I tell you!

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