Saturday, September 6, 2008

Walking at Night . . .

Apologies to those that apparently look forward to a DAILY update on this blog . . . things have been a little nutty this week (as they sometimes are). Anywho - no real post for you tonight BUT I did want to share some new video . . .

As I mentioned, I am very serious about this whole "moving" thing (we won't call it excercising as I've been advised not to (long story)) and we bought Ava some new sneakers that will allow her to not only walk with me BUT - should we walk at night - she can actually light the way.

Have a nice weekend. I'll get back in a routine on Monday-ish.

PS - No, Ava is NOT a Yankees fan. The sweatshirt was a birthday gift from her Uncle Ryan and she wears it out of love for him and him alone!

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