Saturday, September 13, 2008

Striking Out . . .

So, I had another one of those "firsts" tonight and it was a BIG ONE. One that I really needed to immediately blog about (insert sarcastic eye roll here). Yep. I had another first all right . . . I went BOWLING again for the first time since my surgery.

Here's the thing . . . I'm not a sports "guy" - the less movement the better, I've always said but there were a few sports that I have always enjoyed. Bocce. Croquet. Mini-Golf. Bowling.

I have a friend named Joey who is a very serious bowler. He's got a few 300s behind him. His father has more than that. I once drive 40 minutes just to WATCH the two Joes bowl. They are pretty good! My friend Kim's husband Brian, on top of being a great guy, is a bowling COACH who's team goes to the state championship year-after-year. I know bowlers. I know great bowling. I am NOT a great bowler.

But I ENJOY bowling. There is a little something for everyone at the bowling alley, right?! Stale, smokey air? Check. Pizza? Check. Beer by the pitcher? Check. High schoolers making out in the arcade section? Check. Rental shoes? CHECK! Terms like "strike," "spare," "turkey" and "7-10 split"? Check. But what is MOST enjoyable about bowling is that the whole family, regardless of skill-level can go and at least enjoy (if not partake) in some bowling.

We marked my sister-in-law's 30th birthday tonight! Hard to believe our little Stephanie is now officially "one of us" in the 30+ category but - it is true. We had a great dinner and then hit of North Rock Lanes for some fun.

Even Ava got in to the act. Yep. They put the "bumbers" in the gutters and lil' Ava strapped on the smallest pair of rentable footwear I've ever seen and even got herself a SPARE in her first frame of bowling ever.

I learned two things tonight . . . one, my other-mother is a SERIOUS baller. She bowled like 108 and two, I don't have any real muscles left. That's right. I struggled to pick up, carry and toss a 16 pound ball . . . the 20 or so times it was expected of me. I need to hit the gym to start regaining some weight . . . in the form of muscle.

Anywho - it was great to hit the lanes again. It reminded me of the last two time I remember bowling . . . once was in Vermont in the fall of 2002. My friends Ray and Phoebe from high school were getting hitched and we hit up the lanes in Rutland, Vermont before we went on for an evening of maybe the randomest barring EVER. The other was my brother Patrick's 30th birthday a week after Joy and I got married in 2005. Friends, family, celebrations . . . BOWLING.

Oh - one last thing - Joy is convinced that I intentionally share only pictures of her that are unflattering (hair, makeup, stuff in her teeth, butt-enlarging angles, etc.) SO, to prove that I am an equal opportunity poster . . . here are a few pictures of me that are not so flattering. I love you, Pop Tart!

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