Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Statistics . . .

Here is a final breakdown of the "math" of my post-surgery journey. Not bad. I fell 36 pounds short of my TOTAL weight loss goal (still lost 247) and I fell just short of my waist goal (I can SQUEEZE in to a 38" if I HAVE to but . . . it's not comfortable by any stretch (pun intended)).

NOTE - I can't figure out how to make this chart larger. My apologies to those who might actually strain their eyes in the process of trying to view it accordingly.

I will get my last pounds off and I will get my waist down in the process. I'm very much at peace with the end results of this journey and - seeing it on paper - realize just what a success it has been.

NOW for the next journey . . . getting the last pounds off and a lifetime of maintenance! God give me strength!

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