Sunday, September 28, 2008

Look and Compare . . .

I was reading to Ava today and I realized that I had a great photo-op in my hands. Joy was kind enough to snap a picture of Ava and I in "my" chair. Compare to a similar picture (I would not allow Joy to take full-body pictures before my surgery) taken about two years ago today.

The difference makes me feel pretty good about myself - my ego did not go away with the weight (I mean PUHLEEASE). Oh - and it was 90 degrees here today (hence the shorts) and yes - it is true - I can and DO cross my legs (for the first time since God knows when).


Berman said...

It's been a long time brother. You look great and I know you're healthier. Saw Vinu and Michael this weekend and thought of you.

Drop me a line at if you'd like.

Eric Berman

Shib said...

I got on a roller coaster after 2 years and did not feel embarrassed or scared!