Monday, September 29, 2008

iTunes Playlist . . .

As I get more serious about walking and trying to move my butt (and my recently-identified-as boney hands) to lose the rest of my weight, I've once again put my iTunes in charge of my weight loss destiny. If only I could find the PERFECT mix . . . anywho - here is your quarterly chance to view inside my warped mindset to see what's on my mind and what's in my ears. Enjoy!

1 - The Editors, The Weight of the World - "Every little piece of your life will add up to one. Every little piece of your life will mean something to someone." Last fall, while sofa surfing, my friend Casey and I discussed "mix tape" prowess. I'm pretty legendary, frankly (smile). The challenge was to design the greatest mix for a funeral. Then I found The Editors. They beat me to it with this CD. This song is my favorite on the CD. Great to walk to and great to blog to.

2 - Janelle Monae, Violet Stars Happy Hunting - Diddy's latest protege (have I mentioned my adoration for Sean Combs?), Janelle Monae is OUT there and I'm a big fan of "out there" when it comes to music. Say what you want but, uh, I'm Bad Boy for life!

3 - Ben Folds featuring Regina Spektor, You Don't Know Me at All - My boy Ben is back and he does NOT disappoint with his latest CD. I downloaded it at 5:30 AM on Tuesday and have been listening to it ever since. This song, the first single off the album, features Regina Spektor (my currently favorite FEMALE piano-playing pop song writing, singing persona) and it is my latest anthem for my personal change and how little I relate to the "old" me and/or how little I ever really knew "myself" then based on who I am becoming and how much happier I am with this version of myself. Another favorite on the CD . . . The Bitch went Nuts. That's for another post though . . .

4 - The Real Tuesday Weld, I Believe - When I was in high school/college there was a brief "era" of pop music where jazz music sort of melted in to everything. Think "Lucas with the Lid Off'" or US3 or Digable Planets or even Dr. Dre's The Chronic (the original, not The Chronic 2001) and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anywho - I had never heard of The Real Tuesday Weld (sorry, kids) until I was snooping around iTunes one day looking for songs that had inspiration in the title and BAM - this song hit me. I'm apparently a huge Real Tuesday Weld fan too . . . they have a song (Last Words) on the Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist soundtrack (great CD!).

5 - Landon Pigg, Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop - Forget the diamond comercial (as gooey and romantic as it is). Forget thta Landon Pigg looks like the poster child for Gap. Forget that one of the profiles I read of him called him the next Gavin DeGraw (a la Amy Winehouse - are ready for/do we NEED the "next" Gavin DeGraw?). Forget all of that. Pay your buck. Listen to the song. Get gushy inside about the hope and promise of love and finding it in the mundane places and faces of life. That is what life is all about, right? Loving the world around you? There is a line in the Wizard of Oz . . . when the Tin Man is getting his heart . . . that the heart in a man is not measured by how much he loves but by how much he is loved by others. That Wizard is a very smart man . . . and not just for the smoke and mirrors of his facade.

6 - Wyclef Jean, We Tryin to Stay Alive - I'm not even going to justify this. It is Wyclef sampling the Bee Gees. The video has a knife fight-ish dance off. I haven't heard from Wyclef in many, many years (I'm sure he's still doing his thing - I just haven't been part of it) but this song and the rest of its friends on The Carnival will always have a place in my iTunes library, on my iPod and on my playlists that aim to keep my heart rate up for 30 - 45 minutes at a time.

7 - The Laurie Berkner Band, Mr. Bassman (and Piano Girl) -I'm wrapped very, very tightly around Ava's finger (not sure how obvious that is to those who just read the blog and have never experienced the patheticness/magic in person). She's crept in to my heart, my mind and my music tastes too. This song is by one of her current favorites (and thank GOD Laurie Berkner is actually a real person, I don't like to admit that Dora, Diego and the creatures of Yo Gabba Gabba are her other fictitious favorites) and it is pretty catchy. The whole CD is catchy, for that matter. I would suggest that all of you with toddlers check it out!

8 - Jose Gonzalez, Heartbeats - When I was supposed to have my Gastric Bypass in the fall of 2005 in Baltimore, I was living in Baltimore and working in downtown DC and I pretty much hated life. I loved Joy. I was excited to be a newlywed. I loved Joy. I liked my co-workers and I had some great friends and, uh, that was about it. I would watch THIS commercial again and again and again at my desk at work. I would actually cry sometimes. Can't explain why. For some reason the idea of a million bright, rubber bouncy balls (google Sony, Bravia, rubber ball ad and see if you can find the making of stuff - fascinating) bouncing around the hills of San Francisco seemed like the escape that I was looking for. The day I found out my surgery was canceled I finally sucked it up and bought this song on iTunes and listened to it most of the drive home that afternoon. What a day. What a song. That was three full years ago. How much life has changed. I would still like to see all those balls bouncing around though (grow up and stop giggling, Joy).

9 - Michael Buble, You and I - To those that aren't yet sure about my musical taste - let me stir the proverbial pot. I love me a Candian crooner named Michel Boooooblay. From the first time I saw him in a Starbuck's commercial, I've been hooked. From the first time I saw The Wedding Guest, I've wanted to go "Home" and from the first time I heard this song, I've wanted to dance with my wife . . . and I'm not a dancer. "It's true. I've really found someone like you."

10 - Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill, Turn Your Lights Down Low (Interpolation of "Lovin You") - First Wyclef got his love, and now Lauryn. Rest assured, Fugee fans . . . there is no love for Pras (the forgotten Fugee) on this playlist. Lauryn Hill. Where to start?! Would she rather her children starve than have "white people" buy her music? It could be true but I hope that she uses the royalties wisely none-the-less. I'm not a huge Bob Marly fan (he reminds me a little too much of Tim Clive at Camp Barton and my brief, but beloved, "pot phase" in college/grad school) but I like this song.

11 - Kenny Loggins, I'm Alright - Picture it. Hamden, Connecticut, 1995. Delene-Snoop, Cohn-an, Pezzu, TJK and Am-Trak sitting around a too-small TV and a used VCR, politely drunk and watching one of the greatest movies ever made (hate all you want, in your heart, you know it's true) . . . Caddyshack. This song makes me want to rent Fletch. It makes me want to take up golfing again. It makes me want to dance like a gopher on the fringe at the 18th green. It makes me want to "be the ball . . . scha-na-na-na-naaaaaaah." WORST case, it keeps me walking . . . if only to prove that I'm Alirght . . . or might some day BE alright.

12 - David Gray, Babylon - In the fall of 2000, I was working for a political campaign in New York and I would frequently take the train up from DC to work on the campaign and to see my "peeps" in the N-Y-C. This CD was a staple at the time. My friends, the Pezzulloes, got married eight years ago this month. When I flew to Providence for their wedding, I left my CDs at the apartment and only had White Ladder with me. This song will always remind me of how much fun we all had that weekend - and how it was the beginning of the end for my group of college friends that swore we would never drift. To be clear - we didn't drift - we evolved and found our own place in this world . . . like all good Continents do.

13 - BoyzIIMen, Thank You - I have a lot of people that I'm grateful to in this world. I want to thank them. Luckily the Philly-four do it for me in much tighter, cleaner harmonies than I am capable of . . . in the shower, in the car or on the mike.

14 - Tevin Campbell with Prince, Round and Round - Lil' Tevin. Ah. To be Prince's only male engenue (I guess technically Sheila E would fall in to grey area on this). To get to sing on Graffiti Bridge. To never really be heard from again (I bought your first two solo CDs in the 90s . . . I know the truth). One day I'll make it in the big city. And I'll be looking for a girl that's pretty. One day I'll make a play. And she will say Okay. Cuz I plan to be a cool kitty. Uh huh. Sing on, lil' Tevin. I've got you right here in my pocket, cool kitty!

15 - Fatboy Slim, Because We Can (Can) - I love Moulin Rogue. It is, despite her claims to the contrary, the first movie Joy and I watched together (I borrowed it from Ben's DVD collection - I was hoping it would show her how sensitive and romantic I am . . . and it WORKED). The whole soundtrack is great and this is possibly my favorite song on the CD. Just soooo random. Good for working out. In the meantime, I can't wait for Thanksgiving. I've missed you, Baz!

16 - Loudon Wainwright III, Daughter - Towards the end of Knocked Up, there is a powerful little diddy about a man and his daughter. I don't know if Loudon has a daughter. Or if he listens to Laurie Berkner because of her but, for me, this song brought me immediate tears and still does when I think about Ava and how much she means to me and to my life and how motivational she is to me on a daily basis. Every time she blinks she strikes somebody blind. Everything she thinks blows her tiny mind. Indeed!

17 - Jurassic 5, What's Golden - Me, Ben, Michael, Bob, Vinu. 100 - 150 wings from a man named Al. One of two men in the PS2 . . . Tony or Tiger. Empty cans and bottles all around and hilarity ensuing. Life, if not a 330 yard drive-come-Hole in One, was so much simpler then. Happy thoughts, JIM-MAY!

18 - Elton John, Bennie and the Jets - If you don't like Elton John, I feel bad for you. If you don't like Benny and the Jets, I don't have much patience for you. That is supposed to read comically but - if you took it seriously/personally . . . you probably don't like Elton John and you certainly don't like Benny, the Jets, et al. So sorry.

19 - Dean Martin, Volare (Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu) - And now it's time for our long-distance request and dedication. This one goes out to a retired priest and American veteran/hero from a boy that had long-since lost his faith in God and his affection for the Catholic Church but, under your guidance, he found a way to make the church be what he wanted and needed and found a renewed faith and love in the larger power. He'll always love you for that. And for introducing him to small, Mom and Pop restaurants in North Haven, plain-label soda, Luizi cheese, borrowed briefs and the man himself . . . Dean Martin. This one goes out to you, Father Lou!

20 - The Unicorns, I Was Born (a Unicorn) - Imp introduced me to this song on one of her mix-CDs. I'm digging it. This is a lonnnnnng post. I'll leave it at that accordingly.

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nytova said...

and I remember how you called Gavin DeGraw "the next John Mayer" when you bought me the CD for my 30th birthday!