Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It Was Only a Dream . . .

I'm sitting in a Denny's. It's dark out. Really dark. 3:00 AM with clouds blocking the moon dark. The air is thick and sweet with aromas of maple, coffee, pork byproducts and deep-fried potatoes.

I'm with Joy and Hillary Clinton. Bill is late (as per always). We're talking about the sweatpants that I just bought at JC Penney. We're laughing.

I'm waiting on my Moons Over My Hammy with Egg Beaters on dry wheat toast hold the hash browns. Joy is waiting on her Grand Slam and well . . . who knows what Hillary ordered . . . she's mainly just annoyed with Bill at this point. Apparently he has a really, really funny story to tell Joy and me when he arrives.

The food comes. I wake up.

I wonder what it all means. I wonder what the story was.

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This Show said...

I think Hillary did this as one of her campaign commercials.